Magnesium Chloride Flakes Vs Epsom Salts

Magnesium Chloride Flakes Vs Epsom Salts

Eliminate Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms – Magnesium Chloride Flakes Baths

Magnesium Chloride Flakes Vs Epsom Salts

Eliminate Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms With Magnesium Chloride Flakes Baths. Magnesium chloride flakes (magnesium chloride hexahydrate) are natural mineral salts that are completely water soluble and able to be absorbed by cells without further digestion. Adding these salts to your bath is a natural way to boost your magnesium uptake and provides much more magnesium to your muscles and bone cells than oral tablets and powders. Magnesium chloride flakes derive from ocean, salt lakes or dried up salt pockets sandwiched in rock strata.

There are now many suppliers of magnesium chloride bath flakes, but most are industrial grade and not food grade. The source of the water supply and the method of extraction generally determines the quality of the salts. It’s best to avoid open ocean sources because of excess mercury and other pollutants. Land based sources can also have agricultural run-off or mining by-products contamination.

The best salt sources are from pristine mountainous locations not near industry, populations or mining. The best harvesting methods are from open salt lakes via natural dehydration in evaporation tanks, which provides a food grade quality for drinking water or tofu. This should also be confirmed via independent laboratory testing.

Dehydration of the salt brine sends the sodium chloride to the top layer, which is skimmed off to make table salt. This process leaves behind the magnesium chloride and other trace minerals in a natural mineral package from Nature.

MagnesMagnesium Chloride Flakesium chloride flakes are an excellent food source for electrolyte replacement to avoid cramps and magnesium deficiency symptoms. Food grade magnesium chloride flakes are commonly used by Asian food manufacturers to make tofu products. They can also be added to filtered water to make a mineral alkaline drinking water.

In contrast, manufactured magnesium tablets or powders contain fillers and binders and various magnesium compounds that must first be digested by stomach acid before magnesium ions can be absorbed via the gut lining. These manufactured supplements are mostly expelled by the digestive system as only a smaller amount of magnesium can actually penetrate the gut lining to reach the muscle and bone where most of the magnesium is used. Many people find it hard to digest these supplements because they are too irritating for their gut lining.

I have found in my life that when it comes to health and wellness, rule of thumb is always: “Natural is better.” We do however live in a modern culture that promotes, “If anything goes wrong reach for a pill.” We have a vast array of supplement choices in tablets of all colors and styles, capsules, powders and liquids.

It’s almost as though we are being brainwashed into believing that drugs and supplements can somehow replace food and that you can consume whatever you like without consequence – after all, there is a pill available for whatever ensues. Right? Wrong. In reality, nothing can come close to organically grown fresh foods from mineral rich soils when it comes to growing and maintaining a healthy body. We are a product of our environment. Garbage in, garbage out and vice versa.

The big question is, what does balanced nutrition look like? Is it an all-vegetable diet? Not really. That is good for cleansing and detox, but is not sustainable. See what Dr Weston Price had to say about the importance of animal products in our diet to avoid disease and degeneration. However, too much meat can also cause acidity and throw out your pH. Human teeth and digestive systems indicate we are naturally omnivores, so a combination of naturally grown vegetables and animal products will support best health. Simple carbohydrates like processed grain and sugars however are absolutely not essential and in fact can bring on disease states, acidity and inflammation. They will also deplete magnesium stores. The lower the magnesium levels the higher the sugar sensitivity and consequent acidity and inflammation.

Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms

junk-foodsModern diets based on processed foods and sugars are deficient in magnesium and not conducive to good health. They sugar-metabolismcontribute to the escalating epidemic of obesity and heart disease, not to mention inhibition of brain development and mental health. We are literally eating ourselves to death early. This level of degeneration decreases fertility and causes birth complications. Future generations are also negatively affected due to epigenetics and its effect on how genes are expressed. In other words, we may be passing on big problems to our offspring if we haven’t first cleaned up our own cellular baggage first.

seaweed-has-magnesiumBy all means include in your diet foods that are rich in magnesium such as seaweed and seafood, green leafy vegetables (because magnesium sits in the centre of the chlorophyll molecule in plants), raw cacao (dark chocolate) and fresh coconut. However there is only so much volume of these foods that one can eat.

If a person is very magnesium depleted because of excessive stress or traumas, then these foods will not be sufficient to replace what has been lost under stress. When we are sick or stressed we do not digest foods very well and nutritional deficiencies can result. We can also drink mineral water with magnesium which is a more hydrating water, but by itself does not deliver enough magnesium.

All of these sources deliver a small dilute amount of magnesium because the gut wall cannot cope with much more. If you take a concentrated form of magnesium orally you just end up with diarrhoea which means your body has excreted that magnesium too fast and not absorbed it into the tissue cells.

The best way to get a large amount of magnesium uptake naturally is to allow your skin to do all the work! That doesn’t mean to smash up your magnesium tablets and rub into the skin. Remember that those need to be digested in the stomach first to separate the magnesium ions, which are then joined up with the electrolyte of chloride for use by cells. Magnesium chloride hexahydrate natural salt flakes, once they are dissolved in water, can be absorbed into cells quickly with no further digestion required. This means they are absorbed faster and more efficiently.

Magnesium Chloride Flakes Vs Epsom Salts 1When you soak in a magnesium flakes bath or footsoak the hot water helps the skin to open up and absorb more magnesium. In addition, the body can release toxins and metabolism wastes through the skin. Whatever you can excrete via the skin lifts the load off the kidney and liver to process and eliminate. And it feels so fantastic! Add a bit of candle light and some fragrant essential oils and you’ve got the perfect pampering bath. Relax, revive, replenish!

Even in the first ten minutes you can experience an overwhelming relaxation and sensation of calmness wind its way through your system. A surge of peace flows through your limbs, then into the heart. Did you know that the left ventricle of the heart has more magnesium receptors than any other muscle in the body? That’s how important magnesium is to the heart and its rhythm.

There’s nothing better to calm down hyperactive kids than to sprinkle some magnesium flakes into their bath and then follow-up with a magnesium cream foot rub or back rub. Children of all ages from toddlers to teenagers benefit from soaking up magnesium chloride this way. It’s also very beneficial for pregnant women and lactating mothers. Magnesium supports life and when we are growing a baby the demands for magnesium are very high.

arthritis-kneeThe elderly also need a lot of magnesium replenishment because the older we get the more magnesium deficient we become. Magnesium deficiency symptoms can be cramps, chronic pain and neuropathy, sleep disorders and anxiety, depression, metabolic issues and acidity, sluggish detoxification and stress to liver and kidney, cardiovascular disease and heart arrhythmia, hypercalcaemia (excess free calcium in the blood and soft tissue hardening) – and more!

The beauty of transdermal absorption of magnesium chloride is that the body is self-regulating and when it has taken up its fill – the amount that it needs and can cope with at one time – the absorption mechanism shuts down. It absorbs again later when more magnesium is needed. This is Nature’s homeostatic feedback loop: A beautiful delivery system using the reservoir of the skin – our largest organ.

Are you chasing younger looking skin? Then magnesium chloride flakes soaks will deliver!

Elektra-Magnesium-FootsoakMagnesium chloride flakes are also great for skin care as bathing in it leaves the skin silky smooth and well hydrated. Regular foot soaking with magnesium chloride flakes ensures your heels don’t build up those hard cracked skin layers that can sometimes bleed.

In contrast, Epsom salt baths (magnesium sulphate) tends to dehydrate skin and leaves it feeling dry and even itchy. Magnesium sulphate is better than no magnesium at all, but magnesium chloride trumps it every time because it is better absorbed and retained by cells. The body needs lots of chloride as it represents about 70% of total electrolytes. That means that magnesium and chloride bound together is a superfood and macro nutrient for cells.

Muscle Magnesium Massage
Relieves cramps

If you follow up your magnesium soak with a magnesium cream massage your body will benefit even more because of the rich fats supplying vital nutrients for skin health and optimal magnesium absorption. Magnesium cream assists retention of the magnesium ions in the skin layer for later use and allows the body to draw from this reservoir over several hours after application. Not only will your skin look years younger, but the magnesium massage will also relax tight muscles, improve circulation and help muscle recovery as well as joint or ligament pain.

by Sandy Sanderson © 2017

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