Elektra Magnesium Oil, Flakes, Lotion and Cream

  • Natural (chem-free)
  • Fair trade shea butter
  • Re-use & recyclable packaging
  • Australian made
  • Vegan friendly

"We give you more: nutritious ingredients ~ results ~ value."

Already know what you want?

How do you know if you need more magnesium?

  • Do you have magnesium deficiency?
  • Is stress getting the better of you?
  • Do you feel tired but wired?
  • Is it hard to sleep and recover properly?
  • Have you been popping pills, exercising and eating right, but still feeling under the weather?
  • Still getting cramps, restless legs, anxiety?
  • Hormones still out of wack and teary or jumpy at the slightest boo?
  • Stiff muscles, stones or calcification of ligaments, joints, arteries?
  • Metabolism slowing and weight piling on?
  • Would you like to bolster energy, stamina, muscle and bone health?

Natural magnesium nutrition via skin may be your answer to optimal wellness and a better mojo!

Wellness from the outside - in!

As magnesium attracts water from the atmosphere, and rich plant fats assist skin barrier protection, Elektra Magnesium Cream keeps your skin looking luscious and vital, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles for several hours after application. It absorbs beautifully into the epidermis, integrating, hydrating and protecting skin.

Why Elektra?

The world’s first magnesium cream, 100% natural (chem-free), rich, nutritious, natural magnesium skin care and muscle massage cream for relaxation. We know how to formulate magnesium skin care so it absorbs well, smells great, leaves the skin in beautiful condition, whilst delivering vital magnesium to cells faster and better than tablets or powders. Gentle enough for children and toddlers too! We have been developing Elektra Magnesium products since 2008, and like all pioneers with great passion to change the world and make it a better place, we listen to our customers and are committed to best service and quality. We are always thinking about how to solve problems using natural magnesium chloride and plant ingredients.

Transdermal Magnesium

Safely and gently absorb the magnesium you need from the skin, a reservoir for nutrients. Use as much as you like. There is no danger of overdose. Nourish, protect and hydrate with Elektra Magnesium skin care, and massage muscles for relief of cramp, restless legs or stiffness. Absorb magnesium quickly and effectively to help you stay more flexible and youthful longer. Increase athletic performance, energy level and muscle recovery time with more magnesium. Let magnesium give you a sounder sleep and recover better from stress. The whole family can benefit from a magnesium boost.

Relax, Sleep Better and Recover from Stress

Magnesium is the relaxing mineral and the one we lose under stress. The more stress we experience, the more we lose magnesium and the lower our reserves get unless we have a way to top up what we need. Stress, chemical exposures and lack of magnesium in foods contribute the most to magnesium deficiency, a problem faced by more and more people in our modern fast-paced society. Cramps and restless legs may only be the start, because there are many more symptoms of magnesium deficiency possible.

Nourishing Ingredients



Developed since 2009, Elektra Magnesium® products were created to cater for those who care about natural health, wellness and environment. Elektra Magnesium® Cream, Lotion, and Oil are nutrient-dense and chemical-free with natural ingredients like hemp seed oil, mango seed butter and apricot kernel oil. Quality is guaranteed, as the products are manufactured in Australia in a TGA accredited facility, according to the highest GMP manufacturing standards.

Elektra Magnesium Oil, Flakes, Lotion and Cream 10


"My heart restored, my waters cleansed, the power surges in love to mend." by Sandy Sanderson (CEO)

cramps and restless legs

Cramps and Restless Legs Gone!

Relieve cramps and restless legs easily with the right kind of magnesium. No tablets or pills to swallow. Elektra Magnesium Cream does the job quickly, safely and easily – and is also a great natural skin care product too.

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