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Sandy Sanderson

Sandy Sanderson, CEO

Magnesium is the number one mineral electrolyte with the biggest impact on energy and metabolism, as mitochondria must have it to make ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – our electrical energy currency.  

FROM THE CEO – Elektra Magnesium® brand was born out of my own health crisis in 2007-8:

“Magnesium is fundamental to our electrical energy system, which is why so much can go wrong without it.  Under stress we pee out excessive amounts and if we are not putting it back to replenish stores we start to get magnesium deficiency symptoms.  I learnt the hard way with severe symptoms of heart arrhythmia and Hashimotos hypothyroidism during my menopause years in 2007 and 2008.  That was my introduction to the benefits of magnesium because it helped me recover my energy and resilience with better coping capacity under stressful conditions.  And I recovered without medications, but I had to get a lot into me – three times that recommended for the average person. 

I couldn’t digest food very well due to stress and vagus nerve dysfunction (connected with hypothyroidism), and I certainly wasn’t getting anything out of my handful of tablet supplements.  But when I started soaking in magnesium baths, I felt a big difference.  That’s when I had my lightbulb moment to develop easy to use magnesium skin and muscle care products that don’t require stomach digestion.  Thanks to my talented hubby Peter Sanderson, who happened to be a trained food technology chemist, we achieved what many had thought was not possible.

Elektra Magnesium was the first brand in the world  to develop Magnesium Cream Moisturizer with a potent strength. From there we developed different strengths for various needs and skin types – and all without chemicals.  That was hard to do.  We had to use non-standard proprietary methods for emulsification and as many as three different natural preservatives in synergistic proportions to get the right efficacy.  Note that many creams use phenoxyethanol and dimethicone (among other synthetic chemicals).  But we don’t. 

Whilst the main benefit of magnesium skincare use is the ease and convenience of getting a significant amount of magnesium supplementation without digestion, the bonus is exquisite antiaging skin care benefits (and only five minutes to rub in your moisturizer all over your body).  The brilliance of using the skin layer to hold magnesium in reserve (using the good fats), is that it not only plumps up the skin so that it looks younger, but the body can draw from this reservoir at its own pace the exact amount required. You can never overdose this way because the body is in control of uptake, and the magnesium isn’t wasted either – like what tends to happen with oral magnesium supplements. Try Elektra Magnesium: I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.”

Exquisite Quality of Ingredients – all Natural & Organic (chem-free)

There is a growing awareness sweeping the planet about the benefits of transdermal magnesium via natural magnesium chloride salt products. Magnesium is used by the body every second and with every breath and beat of your heart.  We need it to drive our electrical system and so many other biological processes. It is as important as water is to life. If you want your cells to plug into energy, you need magnesium for that.

We are proud to have been part of this massive wave as the pioneer company to promote and supply food grade magnesium chloride products to Australia since 2008. Elektra Magnesium® brand was the first to introduce transdermal magnesium products to Australia. Our range is made with natural and organic plant oils, butters and extracts (chem-free and no petroleum based ingredients), which are infused with quality food grade magnesium chloride salts. Our magnesium chloride flakes are tested in Australia, and at parts per billion show no mercury nor lead content.  That’s a really ‘clean’ top quality salt!  There is only about 15% of the planets’ harvested magnesium chloride which is certified food grade.  The rest is industrial grade, and a lot cheaper.  However, we believe it’s well worthwhile to only use the best for healthy lifestyle.  Your cells after all, are a product of what goes in.

From these prized magnesium chloride flakes we make the most luxurious magnesium skin care products, including four kinds of Magnesium Cream. This nutritious moisturiser is a skin conditioner, deodorant, massage cream and magnesium supplement all rolled into one. It’s gentle enough for babies and children too!  Magnesium Charge Lotion was formulated for massage of tense muscles and joints, or for exercise recovery. Our skin-friendly Magnesium Oil Spritz delivers the strongest dose of magnesium with a velvet feel and aroma of fresh mandarins. Any of the products can be combined in any amount, depending on individual needs.

Elektra Magnesium® products are designed to be a beautiful natural skin care support, relaxing muscle care, and a superior magnesium delivery system as well.  We need magnesium daily and foods are not delivering enough magnesium these days to help us replenish as needed – especially under conditions of high stress.   If we like how a product feels and smells, as well as how well it absorbs from the surface of the skin, then we are more likely to use it daily as a body care product and a rich source of vital natural magnesium.  It’s nutritious, easy and convenient to use Elektra Magnesium® products every day.  They work fast and they work well to support your healthy lifestyle, and they offer the best value-for-money magnesium products because, “We give you more…”

ElektraMg at NOPA 2018

“We can nurture and improve ourselves with balanced nutrition and magnesium care. The ability to improve ourselves gives us freedom. Freedom is about manifesting a powerful, creative, productive expression of love and happiness. Without freedom these joys in life are not possible. I and my family are committed to making a difference in the world and in people’s lives: to empower with knowledge for self-care and to supply high quality natural (chem-free) body care products that work! We do this responsibly with mindfulness and attention to sustainability and fair trade.”

Elektra Life Pty Ltd is a family owned Australian company (a.b.n. 54133877693) located at Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, which is a product development and marketing company supplying its own proprietary brand of Elektra Magnesium personal care products wholesale and retail. Head office and warehouse is at Advancetown QLD 4211 Australia.

Sandy Sanderson is the Chief Executive Officeer, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Uni NSW. Her partner Peter Sanderson, having an Applied Science background, is the product developer. Together they have built a family business since January 2008 through hard work, passion and dedication. The company’s mission and goal is to continue developing a range of the best quality and exceptional value-for-money NATURAL (chemical-free) magnesium body care products for health, beauty and well-being. 

Office Admin / IT / Order Processing:  Daniel Rogers;
Warehouse: Daniel Rogers, Peter Sanderson;
Social Media: Michaela Teefy;
Sales Executives: Peter and Sandy Sanderson;
Product Development Chemist / Partner: Peter Sanderson
CEO & Marketing:  Sandy Sanderson

Elektra Magnesium products can be ordered online for delivery world-wide and are also available via resellers in various states of Australia such as health food stores, massage clinics, beauty-wellness spas and health practitioners including naturopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists, as well as some GP clinics and pharmacies.

For list of current retail stores view our Store Locator.  The brand is also supplied internationally to clinics and stores via Distributors in:  USA and UK.  There are also resellers in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Elektra Magnesium® products are manufactured and packaged in Australia by TGA-audited contract manufacturers with GMP accreditation.


ADMIN:  P.O. Box 1347 Nerang QLD 4211
Ph: 07 55 020 865   Fx: 07 55 020 868
Email: www.elektramagnesium.com.au/contact

About Elektra Magnesium Creams
Magnesium Chloride food grade


“Every beneficial contribution from every person comes together for the benefit of the whole community – and for humanity as a whole. The internet is like a big piece of knitting… Once we each knit a bit more and a bit more into the greater fabric, the fibres get momentum and start to join up with increasing effect, weaving back and forth. In this way the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. Everything we do to help our customers solve their problems not only benefits us, but also others within the ‘knitting’:  Our re-sellers, their customers and their extended families too. Beautiful synergy! 

We are helping to build a global magnesium awareness about how to use magnesium to maintain optimal health and wellbeing. It all starts with helping people develop better self-care strategies, which are usually about the benefits of magnesium because magnesium deficiency is such a big problem in modern societies due to excessive stresses and soil depletion.  Elektra Magnesium natural skin and muscle care products not only offer great anti-ageing benefits, but they are tools we created to make it easier, more convenient and pleasant to use magnesium transdermally every day and ensure adequate magnesium levels for optimum health.

When people are in pain, or their movements have become restricted or involuntary, they get grumpy.  When they are low in energy and fatigued they lose the joy of life because it takes energy to feel happiness and enthusiasm.  When optimum magnesium levels are restored and our cell environment is cleaned up, these symptoms are alleviated.  And we can do it for ourselves.  That is freedom.  There is no need to be imprisoned by your body’s tightness or fatigue, shakes or twitches, or lack of sleep. You can just make a decision today to be free and follow a better nutritional pathway. Life was of course meant to be more loose and flexible!”
Sandy Sanderson, CEO.

About Us Sandy Sanderson presentation
Sandy Sanderson presentation

Sandy Sanderson
(CEO and Founder)

Ethical ingredients

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