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“Just wanted you to know that you have a superior product. A local big pharmacy chain just brought in another range of magnesium from oz and I had a go at their testers, and there is barely any effect compared to yours.”
– Li-Anne, Nature’s Intelligence Kinesiology, Singapore.

“Thank you so much for your great product but thank you also for your great service. I ordered on Monday and received my goods on Tuesday. Fantastic. Thank you to all involved. ” – Caroline

” Hey folks. Firstly, thank you. I’ve tried numerous other magnesium topicals and supplements in the past with minimal results, or results with side-effects. Applied twice daily, the Elektra magnesium cream has not only put an end to the daily headaches I’ve been having for over the past year, but they’ve also helped soothe nerve issues in my leg from a fall in 2016, which has in turn aided in my rehab process. Not to mention the cream has also made delayed onset muscle soreness a thing of the past, making my rehab and re-strengthening process a lot more comfortable than it would have been. It’s also one of the very few body moisturisers that soaks into my sensitive skin well without any irritation or rash. More than anything though, I’m so happy to be freed up from panadol and advil. I’ll be making sure I always have a tub of this with me. ” – Ash

Hi. Not sure you would remember me. I purchased a jar of your magnesium cream from the Brisbane Mind Body and Spirit Expo. I get psoriasis on my arms and legs quite bad. You said to try the cream and send in some before and after photos. Which I will do. I noticed my skin was improving, but I had run out of the cream and hadn’t ordered anymore in time, eek (I just placed an order though). This cream is great! It is making a big difference to my skin! – Emma

” It seems that most Australians have sub-optimal magnesium levels… I cannot really really thank you enough for the mag cream (Elektra Magnesium Cream). It is turning my skin around slowly, but pleasingly. ” – Anne (cardiac surgeon)

“When I bought the cream I had NO idea it would 100% alleviate my PMS symptoms: To the point that I didn’t even know when my period was coming, as I had no tell tale signs of cramps or irritability beforehand. Now I’ve had two completely pain free periods, the first time in my life that my period has felt normal. I am so happy about this cream, I will be using it for life! I’ve emailed Sandy many times asking questions and she has responded quickly and has been so helpful. I just wanted to say thank you to Sandy and Elektra Life because this has literally been life-changing to live without that terrible pain. I want the message to get to all women that they don’t have to live with terrible PMS symptoms. ” – Amy

“I have been using the herbal magnesium cream and I absolutely love it, I’ve never slept so well in my life and I’m feeling great! Thank you so much. I’ve been recommending it to anyone who will listen.” – Georgie

“Regarding the Elektra Magnesium Cream:  My menopausal symptoms have been very dramatically improved by the use of the product.  The night sweats have definitely been less bothersome, sometimes I am largely unaware of the “hot flush” at all.   My sleep patterns have been much better, having very deep and relaxed sleep.  I strongly urge women at this stage of life to consider this product over and above pharmacy medicines.” – Robyn

“My name is Annamaria and I bought the Magnesium cream and spray, and just wanted to let you know it’s as fantastic as you said it would be.  I’m the lady who works for the Vascular surgeons at … I haven’t had to use the progesterone cream in over two weeks to combat hot flushes as the cream seems to regulate the hormones. ” – Annamaria

“I also wanted to tell you I love the magnesium cream! I have been massaging it into a surgery scar and it is healing and fading fast! – JoAnn

” I just wanted to say a very big thank you for your wonderful products! We use your magnesium cream all the time for everything and cannot do without it! It is the best product ever and has made SUCH a difference to our lives. – Glenys

“I’m selling lots of the magnesium products and got some good feedback from a current client, who asked me to pass this on to you. She is a 55+ year old woman who lives in Toowoomba who has had skin lesions on the back of her hands. She has noticed that since using the magnesium cream, the lesions (which had caused quite deep scarring on the backs of her hands) has been healing. Needless to say, she is thrilled.” – Jo (clinician)

” I purchased the Flakes from Nu Yu today and had a lovely soak and then put the cream on and I feel so relaxed and the skin is not nearly as red and is looking so much better.  I wish I had taken photos at the beginning to show you.  Actually I must tell you that most of the time I am covered with Atopic Dermatitis.” – Helen

“I decided to try the cream on my reactive allergy skin and I just wanted you to know that for the first time in eleven years I don’t have a rash on my face!” – Leny

“I have personally been taking a good quality oral magnesium supplement for years but have certainly noticed a dramatic improvement since taking the Elektra Magnesium Transdermal therapy. In particular, a month ago after doing a 12km run and suffering significant post-exercise muscle soreness, I experience a very rapid response when I applied body lotion containing Elektra Magnesium Chloride Salts. I was truly amazed at how quickly and completely my muscle tightness/soreness was relieved. I now continue to apply it twice daily for myself and my family as our Magnesium supplement, and have stopped taking the oral supplement. I also recommend it to many of my patients with muscle tightness. – Kim (physiotherapist)

“I LOVE your magnesium products. You were so right Peter about rubbing the cream on the neck muscles before bed. I’m sleeping so much better and not getting headaches from clenching my teeth. Rubbing the cream and oil on my knees has reduced my knee pain and the cream makes a great moisturiser under makeup. You have created an amazing product.” – Jan“I had to see a doctor about some unusual lower back pain that was giving me grief for a few days. Reluctant to take the antibiotics prescribed, I slathered on the cream massaging it into my painful area. Woke the next morning, pain was gone and not returned!  Serendipity…. ” – Di

“I have been a sufferer of Restless Leg Syndrome for years, with the condition progressively getting worse. Over the years I have tried many things to alleviate the pain. This year, I have had more pain and discomfort with the RLS than ever before.  I have tried magnesium tablets, acupuncture, massage, Chinese cupping, exercise, and when I went to the local GP was told that all they could offer me was medication for Parkinson’s Disease… This was not an option for me. A few months ago, I went for around 5 nights straight with no sleep…. I was ready to turn to Valium to get some sleep. To my absolute surprise, after one sitting of my feet in a bucket, the relief was noticeable. With every night it was more improved.    After many weeks, I am now able to have a night off now and then.   Although, have found if I go two nights I have trouble. I have read testimonials before, and thought, yeah, right, nothing’s that good, get a life. But for me, your magnesium is a MUST. I’ve never written to a company like this before, but felt I had to tell you what relief your product has given me.   I am now recommending it to anyone who will listen.” – Debra 

“My daughter has been dealing with chronic fatigue and been extremely unwell for the past eight years. I cannot tell you how profoundly these products have affected my daughter. For the first time in a very long time I have my daughter back. She’s not 100% yet but since beginning using your products she has gone back to full time work, something she hasn’t been capable of since last year. In fact, just a month ago she was only managing 12 hours a week. Not only is she getting through her day but she finally has enough energy to be able to enjoy life once again. I cannot thank you enough.” – Carolyn  

“I cannot tell you in any words just how over the moon I am with your products and to thank you for taking the time to chat with me. I was desperate: 6 years of ongoing roller-coaster of constantly being unwell after diagnosed with chronic fatigue and high blood pressure. My blood pressure has never been better and I’m calmer, my brain fog is better, so much less body pain and sleeping better. I cant believe it. I drink 3 to 4 litres of water with the mag flakes in it every day like a religion. I put spray and cream all over legs and feet, neck and shoulders every day.” – Karenne

“I would like to thank you millions and millions of time for my mum. Her left knee became normal and could take her body weight, without a walking stick, after usage of 1 week of the cream. She can walk quiet a few steps without walking stick. Her right knee’s operation went wrong few years ago and the circular bone is missing. There is no pain in her left knee, right knee still has pain, as the improper bone structure . She is very happy and prayed a lot for you and your family. Thank you very much once again. ” – Tahir

“Your product is a miracle… I had terrible pain (neuropathy) due to diabetes in my legs every evening. Now the pain is almost gone and I sleep well again.” – Hermann

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