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Send your friends, family, clients, customers and other contacts a recommendation, review, or news about magnesium health etc with your unique Affiliate ID code link, which takes them to our website. The program will register your referral’s email as coming from you. When they make a purchase, it will record the commission earnings from the sale in your account. The same goes for an image, logo, banner or advertisement downloadable from the media folder, which you can embed with your Affiliate link code for placement on your website page. When the referred person uses that image click link to jump to our website, and they make a purchase, you get the commission from the sale. Cookies last for 60 days.

LINKS can be to home page, product page, shop page, blogs pages or any other page on our website… – wherever you wish to take your referrals. The system will remember their email as coming from you. When you are on the particular website page you wish to refer to, then use that URL with your Affiliate generated code. If you are unsure of this process, you can just refer them to the main home page URL Affiliate link. The system will record your customer no matter where on the website they move to – as long as they clicked your Affiliate generated URL link code to get to our website.

You can also use the short cut Affiliate social share links appearing at the top of each page of our website as you open it. These are visible using desktop computer (but may have issues via mobile). If you wish to use ‘Social Forwards’ using these links please do it via desktop computer. The long way to share the links is to copy your Affiliate ID code link into your social media texts or emails by opening those applications.

Each week, any sales that come through from your account are verified, after which earnings can be moved to your credit wallet, or left to accumulate for transfer to your Paypal account each following month (if amount is more than $100).

Earn $

TOOLS: Please take the time to explore your Affiliate account features from the dashboard, and get to know all about the things you can do.

PROMOTIONS: From time to time we will offer pack specials or discounts on certain products that you can promote and give your referrals an ‘extra special deal’.

MEDIA ASSETS: We will keep adding more media assets over time, but if you would like to submit your own artwork for approval please email to

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