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Sandy Sanderson

Message from the Founder and CEO, Sandy Sanderson

Elektra Magnesium® began in 2009 with the launch of the very first Magnesium Cream on the planet, our proprietary and revolutionary formulation which involved novel steps and processes. It was a life-saver for me because I had to solve my health issues of Hashimotos hypothyroidism and severe heart arrhythmia that had been peaking in 2007-2008. My problems were due to an acute nutritional deficiency in magnesium as a result of chronic stress. After I found the way to recovery using magnesium transdermally (via soaking and bathing), it led me to create, together with Peter, my husband and cosmetic chemist, a range of magnesium skin and body care products that enable a more efficient and optimal uptake of magnesium.
Our brand Elektra Magnesium® has become very popular in Australia. We now have over 300 wholesale customers, including clinicians such as naturopaths, nutritionists, herbalists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, beauticians, psychologists, myofascial therapists, holistic dentists, and more. Many health food stores and pharmacies also stock our products, as Elektra Magnesium® has become a much loved brand in Australia. It is now also gaining traction in the USA.
I am so happy and grateful to be able to bring you this divinely-inspired range of quality magnesium skin and body care products, which offer multi-uses and excellent value, as well as choices for different skin types and age groups. The range is packed full of nutrition with natural and organic (chem-free and non-GMO) ingredients. We strictly avoid the use of petrochemicals and parabens, or any other synthetic compounds. That means no phenoxyethanol, no dimethicone, no oxybenzoates etc. These toxic emulsifiers and preservatives have no place in quality natural skin care and magnesium products promoting health and wellness.
We give you more: ingredients, results, and value for money.

Endorsed by psychologist and international author, Dr Jamie Turndorf


BOOK: “If You Think You Don’t Have PTSD, Think Again!”

Dr Jamie Turndorf (Dr Love) radio shows, Binge TV network and books:

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About Elektra Magnesium Creams

Trusted Brand

Elektra Magnesium® is the brand developed by Elektra Life Pty Ltd since 2008. We were the first supplier to import container-loads of magnesium chloride salts (FOOD GRADE) into Australia and market it as a transdermal magnesium health supplement for soaking and bathing, as well as a drinking water supplement.
We were the first to invent Magnesium Cream back in 2009 using special processes and techniques we developed to stabilise a high level of magnesium salts within an oil-water emulsion so that our products did not require chemical emulsifiers nor preservatives. Our range grew from there to cater for a variety of different needs.

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Magnesium Skin & Body Care

In addition to catering for relaxation, muscle and joint care, or other magnesium deficiency symptoms, Elektra Magnesium® products are also used for natural skin care to moisturise, protect and soften skin. They smell great and are easily absorbed due to special blends of plant butters and oils, which transport magnesium into the epidermal reservoir where capillary action can absorb magnesium.
Our products cater for a variety of skin types, needs and age groups. Clients can experiment with the products and combinations to achieve optimal results and skin comfort.

magnesium soaking

Superior Absorption Via Skin

TRANSDERMAL MAGNESIUM starts working within minutes because, once dissolved, magnesium chloride is already in the right form for cellular uptake without further digestion. Our products contain natural dissolved food grade magnesium chloride.
The system of transdermal delivery of magnesium is vastly superior, more efficient and faster-acting than trying to get other forms of magnesium in tablets past the bowel wall and into tissue cells. Most of the magnesium in tablets and powders is wasted by the digestive.

Magnesium chloride flakes

How Much Magnesium?

Some people may only need 300-400mg magnesium supplement per day, whilst others recovering from injury and trauma, or who are under high stress like athletes or shift workers, may need 1,000 milligram of elemental magnesium per day. How much we need can also vary from day to day depending on stress and diet. The following guide can help to work out how much magnesium may be delivered via skin. The products can be combined to cater for higher needs. There is no risk of overdose transdermally.


Natural Ingredients~Quality Manufacture~Australian Made

The Elektra Magnesium® range is made in Australia and offers the largest range of natural (chem-free) magnesium body care products in the world. They contain no parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, dimethicone, propylene glycol, oxybenzoates nor phenoxyethanol, and not tested on animals either (except humans!) Elektra Magnesium® products are made on the Gold Coast at a TGA licensed facility, with highest GMP quality standard. Packaging is recyclable, jars and bottles re-usable. We use Fair Trade shea butter, sustainably farmed plant ingredients and products are Vegan friendly.

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After registration we will add you to our monthly wholesale newsletter group to keep you in the loop with developments or specials.
We can supply you with media assets, graphics, videos and social media tiles to help educate and increase awareness in the public about the benefits of topical magnesium (Nutrition Via Skin).
A copy of the wholesale price list in pdf for your records is available to download from this folder. Further information is available from our website Products, Blogs and Video pages. A product training presentation and wholesale price list in pdf is also available from the following download link.



We dispatch within one day of order from our Advancetown warehouse. Payments can be made with visa or mastercard. You can also opt for convenient 24/7 online ordering (which includes credit card as well as Paypal options). We don’t offer monthly credit accounts, but business runs more smoothly that way! 🙂
After we receive your first FULL WHOLESALE registration order, we will also list your business on the Store Locator of our website (until such time as there are no orders within a 6 month period). You will receive within your first order a complimentary ‘WELCOME PACK’ including display poster and complimentary sample products. We supply free product brochures with all orders.

Nutrition Via Skin feels sooooo good!

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