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Your Unique Affiliate Reference Code: How it Works: Your Affiliate activation allows you to generate a unique html code with your ID reference number that you can use as a link on your website. You can also email the link to your contacts or print it on your business cards or flyers. When people use this code to access our main website: the program will recognise your unique link-reference number and allocate from the online sale of magnesium products the Affiliate commission (20% of the value of magnesium products sold, not including GST or shipping). Payments are made monthly if your account reaches $100 or more using your nominated Paypal account. Further details are in the Affiliate Agreement (link). You can check on sales progress via your Affiliate account admin here (see tabs ‘Statistics’ ‘Graphs’ ‘Referrals’ ‘Visits’).

How to Make QR Code: A QR code is a graphic file representing a URL website that can be printed on flyers or business cards. The benefit of the QR code is a compact graphic with immediate access via smart mobile phone scan, an increasing trend today. You don’t have to have this extra feature, but for the ‘tech-savvy’ generation it would greatly help access to this market. They estimate today over 60% of online purchases are made via mobile phones and tablets. You can search for your own QR code generator online, as it is your responsibility to generate it and check that it works (use your own mobile, but you may need to download the scanning app to the mobile first). As a suggestion, here is a link with a free QR code generator:

Creatives: These are Elektra Magnesium logos and ads that you can use online or in print. If you need a higher resolution for print please email Sandy at [email protected] These Creatives may be updated from time to time so please check in regularly to see if there is anything new. You can get to this section by clicking on the tab heading ‘Creatives’. Under each graphic (logo or ad) is an html code directly linking your unique Affiliate ID number with the graphic. This means that whenever people click the Creative to access and purchase magnesium products, your Affiliate commission will be allocated. This allows the actual code to be hidden (embedded) in the Creative itself.

Campaigns: You can choose to have email campaigns focussing on a particular page of the Elektra Magnesium website – for instance ‘Elektra Magnesium Cream’. ( ). To do this you just enter the page html (copy from browser) to the box that says ‘page URL’. You can then give your campaign a name. When you click ‘Generate URL’ a new code appears containing your unique Affiliate reference number. This code can be emailed out, linked from your website, or made into a QR code graphic. It can also be linked to a Creative by replacing the main home page reference with the specific page html reference code generated. If you are not sure about this process please ask one of your kids!


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