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Make Drinking Water More Hydrating with Electrolytes. Tastes great too!

Charge up your filtered drinking water with food grade magnesium chloride to mimic natural spring water from the mountains.  It tastes better and smoother with a velvet finish, and improves cell hydration. Each 100mL bottle contains 11,600mg elemental magnesium, (116mg per mL and 15 drops per mL). We recommend 6, 8 or 10 drops per litre of filtered water, according to taste preference.  The minerals make it easier and more pleasant to drink water, and to stay well hydrated. Relax ~ Recharge ~ Recover.

Our new 1 Litre REFILL bottles now offer terrific savings, so don’t throw away your small 100mL convenient drops dispenser bottles, because now you can refill them with the one litre bottle and have plenty to go around for family needs. Some people also like to add a small pinch of sodium as either sodium bicarbonate or whole salt such as Himalayan pink salt or Celtic salt, which lifts the pH of the water even more.
CUSTOMER REVIEW: “It’s amazing what we lack. After trying the magnesium mineral supplement, I felt alive and full of energy, joint pain disappeared, and am not tired. I definitely felt like I was back in my 20s. Thank you so much. I will be buying more of your wonderful products.” Priscilla Richardson

This kind of water is more hydrating because of the more organised structure of the water when magnesium is present (and that is why it tastes smooth with a velvet texture).  Nothing extra to digest because dissolved magnesium chloride is already in the right form to enter cells, and is readily absorbed over the gut wall without irritation due to the low dose (as opposed to magnesium tablets and powders which can be irritating and wasted by the digestive system).  Save money and save the environment: Refill, reuse, recycle.
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Improve hydration at cellular level with magnesium water: Electrolyte supplement for drinking water

Make magnesium water: Electrolyte charge your filtered drinking water for better hydration with natural food grade magnesium chloride, which is fully water soluble and easy to absorb just like in natural spring water. Each 100mL bottle contains 11,600mg elemental magnesium, ie.116mg per mL and 15 drops per mL.magnesium-water

Make water taste and work better to hydrate with magnesium
Pure magnesium chloride is fully water soluble. At drinking water concentration it can be easily absorbed via the gut wall, bypassing issues with digestion. A 100mL bottle can last a person over 2 months, drinking 3L of water per day at 8 drops per litre (61.8mg Mg x 3L = 185mg per day). There are 116mg elemental magnesium per mL (ie.15 drops). It is recommended to filter water first.

If you use 24 drops (185mg of magnesium) every 24 hours of drinking water it will last two months. At a higher dose of 30 drops (232mg of magnesium) over 24 hours, 100mL lasts about 50 days. To make magnesium water for drinking (and optimal gut absorption), we recommend a range of 6-12 drops per litre, according to needs and taste. That’s better value than oral tablet supplements, which are not only more expensive, but harder to digest and absorb. High doses of magnesium, as in tablets or powders, are mostly excreted by the digestive system, with only a minimum quantity of magnesium making it through the bowel wall to the interior of the body.

Low concentration however, such as in spring waters, is what the bowel can well tolerate, and thus passes to the interior of the body more easily. Magnesium chloride is highly water soluble and already in the right form when diluted to access cells without further digestion required. It has been found in studies to have the highest efficiency of absorption and bioavailability in cells (see studies listed below). That means it works better and faster.  The magnesium water you can make using Elektra Magnesium Mineral Supplement drops tastes great too – just like natural spring-derived magnesium water from the mountains!

Directions to Make Magnesium Water:

The concentrated magnesium oil in the drops bottle must be diluted before consumption. Recommended dilution for filtered drinking water to mimic natural spring water = 6 to 12 drops per litre (33.8fl.oz), according to taste. For use as a laxative or dental rinse, add 24 drops (1/2 teaspoon) or more per 8oz glass of water. (Stronger dose has bitter taste).

Magnesium chloride hexahydrate food grade (incl residual trace minerals from natural source MgCl2.6H20), and purified water.


This product is vastly superior to the previous liquid magnesium supplement I’d tried, which was produced by another company. I’m very fussy about my drinking water and was afraid that the taste of my pure filtered rainwater would be ruined, but it’s the only noticeable change is in the mouth-feel of the water, which is sort of creamier. And of course it’s giving me a much-needed boost of my magnesium intake.” Jill G.

ARTICLE: The Power of Magnesium in Water

STUDIES on Magnesium Bioavailability in Drinking Water

Magnesium bioavailability from mineral waters with different mineralization levels in comparison to bread and a supplement (2017)

“The results of serum and urine analysis indicated that Mg bioavailability was comparable for mineral waters with different mineralization levels, bread, and a dietary supplement. Specifically, Mg bioavailability was not influenced by the presence of SO4, HCO3,− or calcium. Thus, mineral water with higher concentrations of Mg constitutes a calorie-free Mg source that contributes to optimal Mg supply. [AND]…Multiple portions consumed throughout the day may increase Mg bioavailability.”

Magnesium bioavailability from mineral water. A study in adult men (2002)

The fractional absorption rate is high at low Mg load and decreases exponentially with increasing carrier amounts. Several authors have outlined that higher bioavailability is observed when a given amount of Mg is distributed over a day rather than being consumed in a single bolus (Schuette et al, 1990; Fine et al, 1991; Lo¨nnerdal, 1995); consequently a regular water intake distributed throughout the day would be expected to lead to a higher absorption.”

Influence of the consumption pattern of magnesium from magnesium-rich mineral water on magnesium bioavailability (2011)

“Thus, one simple means of increasing Mg absorption and retention of a given daily intake of Mg is to divide the daily dose into smaller increments taken at equally spaced intervals  throughout the day. In terms of supplementation, this may result either in a more rapid  repletion of body pools when deficiency or sub-deficiency occurs, or in a better prevention  of the appearance of a sub-deficiency. Using this consumption pattern, Mg-rich mineral water delivers Mg more efficiently to the body. Further studies are required to confirm these results with Mg-rich foods or food supplements.”

Intestinal Absorption and Factors Influencing Bioavailability of Magnesium – An Update (2017)

“Mg2+ is absorbed via a paracellular passive and a transcellular active pathway that involves TRPM6/7 channel proteins. The bioavailability of Mg2+ varies within a broad range, depending on the dose, the food matrix, and enhancing and inhibiting factors. Dietary factors impairing Mg2+ uptake include high doses of other minerals, partly fermentable fibres (e.g., hemicellulose), non-fermentable fibres (e.g., cellulose, lignin), phytate and oxalate, whereas proteins, medium-chain-triglycerides, and low- or indigestible carbohydrates (e.g., resistant starch, oligosaccharides, inulin, mannitol and lactulose) enhance Mg2+ uptake. The Mg2+ dose is a major factor controlling the amount of Mg2+ absorbed. In principle, the relative Mg2+ uptake is higher when the mineral is ingested in multiple low doses throughout the day compared to a single, large intake of Mg2+

Comparative study of magnesium salts bioavailability in rats fed a magnesium-deficient diet (2010)

“Mg chloride showed the highest efficiency among inorganic magnesium salts. “

Bioavailability of US Commercial Magnesium Preparations (2001)

“The low fractional absorption we observed for magnesium oxide (4 percent) is identical to that observed in prior studies of magnesium sulphate bioavailability… Results indicated significantly higher… bioavailability of magnesium chloride.”

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    I was very pleasantly surprised that this supplement didn’t make the water taste different. I find that I need to adjust the amount I use from time to time – but the great thing is that you can adjust the amount you use according to taste and still get some benefit from it.

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    The Mag supplement is such a great quality. I have it before bed and I find it aids my sleep.

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  5. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    This is fantastic have been using for 3wks now & noticed I don’t get cramps in my feet anymore plus I love it hydrates so win win

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  7. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Excellent way to absorb Magnesium

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  8. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Love the new drinkable magnesium

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  10. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Just love this product and the health benefits

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