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  • Elektra Magnesium Cream – the world’s first natural magnesium cream.
  • MILD 15% magnesium salt formula, easily absorbed, gentle on skin, calming and relaxing.
    2 teaspoons = 300mg magnesium.
  • Herbal Magnesium Cream, the first version of magnesium cream and still the most popular, is recommended for dry or sensitive skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. Rich plant oils and butters nurture and protect skin, whilst magnesium stimulates collagen production and repair. The anti-bacterial formula of plant extracts inhibits growth of pathogenic bacteria associated with inflammatory skin conditions. 
  • MORE FRAGRANCE VARIETIES BELOW, which have different textures to suit other skin types such as medium, combination or oily skin.
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Gentle enough for babies and children! Skin soothing and comforting. Skin just devours it with gratitude!

Designed and developed by our formulating chemist Peter Sanderson way back in 2009, Elektra Magnesium Cream was a great achievement. It was the first of its kind that combined several plant oils, butters and extracts successfully with infusion of high salt content of 15% magnesium chloride salts. It was stabilized using novel processes, and without resorting to chemical emulsifiers and preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, dimethicone, parabens or other cheap toxic petrochemical ingredients. Elektra Magnesium Cream features high fat content, which is why it is such a superior moisturizer and skin conditioner, as well as an efficient transdermal magnesium absorption system. It is still the most popular and best loved magnesium cream, packed full of nutrition - because WE GIVE YOU MORE!

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When I am using Magnesium Cream all over every day, do I still need to take magnesium tablets too?

It is much harder to take up magnesium through the gut. You get on average about 40% uptake of the magnesium from your tablets (highest quality ones), and at best only 20% eventually makes it into your muscle cells over a number of hours. However with magnesium through the skin, you can take up much higher quantities fast – just rub it in and wait a few minutes. You will feel the difference. The same amount taken orally in tablets would likely give you diarrhea. Two teaspoons of magnesium cream would give you the recommended daily intake of 300mg, which approximately covers the whole body. Magnesium Cream doubles up as a powerful magnesium supplement and skin care product, which makes it cheaper than buying those two items separately. One 300g jar lasts about a month using 2 teaspoons per day, and you save both on your moisturiser and tablets. People under severe physical or psychological stress, those with bad diet or excess alcohol, or with diseases such as Crohns, heart disease or diabetes, would need much higher quantities to maintain cellular magnesium homeostasis. In this case you can combine with our other magnesium skin and muscle care products. See our Q&A page for more information. When you are getting enough magnesium your magnesium deficiency symptoms disappear. If it’s not quite enough, keep adding on more. There is no danger of overdose transdermally. There is nothing toxic or artificial in  our product ingredients, as they are made with the highest quality plant ingredients infused with pure, natural and food grade magnesium chloride flakes. Enjoy!



Both magnesium and massage therapy have important health benefits for blood circulation, waste clearance and muscle recovery, as well as alleviation of anxiety and stress. Magnesium massage supercharges health benefits by promoting pain relief, stress relief, faster recovery from injury, bolstering the immune system, and prevention of premature ageing. As magnesium is a natural anxiolytic 1 2 and anti-inflammatory, it supercharges your massage to achieve a powerful relaxation effect, dampening down stress hormones, and speeding up healing and recovery. When combining magnesium uptake with massage, you have a massive powerhouse to protect and support health and the immune system. (Read the Blog)


Do you have ultra sensitive skin? Then try our ultra sensitive magnesium cream - Baby Calm Balm

LIGHT and GENTLE: SOOTHING and CALMING This ultra-light magnesium cream moisturiser can be used for young infants as natural skin protection, relaxation massage for calming, and to promote better sleep. Let’s not forget mums too, who can share it with bub and use it as a daily face cream. It works well under makeup too. Nothing is spared with this high quality formula of gentle botanicals to nurture, moisturise and support skin. Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. Made with only natural and organic ingredients, Baby Calm Balm leaves skin with a soft, smooth and younger-looking complexion.

Re-use and recycle 300g double-wall insulated jars

300g Jars - Reuse

Magnesium for Headaches

Magnesium for Headaches is Considered a Natural Remedy

Pain is a factor that people deal with all around the world, using all sorts of products to relieve them. However, many don’t consider using magnesium for headaches. Magnesium is an essential mineral that is required by the body. Ultimately, it’s responsible for the operation of several biological processes and brings hydration into cells, which avoids dehydration and consequent tension. The problem is we don’t supply our body with enough magnesium nutrition via the food we ingest. 

Benefits of Headache Relief

Studies have shown that people with low magnesium levels are susceptible to headaches and migraines. The lack of magnesium affects your neurotransmitters and prevents blood vessel constriction, which results in migraines. Regular doses of magnesium are shown to reduce migraines by 40%. Apart from assisting with relieving stress headaches, using magnesium regularly has several other benefits. 
  • Magnesium assists with lowering your blood sugar levels, thus reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Research has demonstrated that a magnesium deficiency contributes to poor insulin resistance hence causing Type 2 diabetes. Even though more clinical research is required to treat diabetes with magnesium, preliminary studies have shown there are positive results. 
  • Most people focus on calcium for the health of their bones; however, the wonder mineral, magnesium, assists with improving the strength of bones. It increases bone density, which decreases the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis. Apart from directly assisting with bone crystal formation, magnesium regulates the calcium and vitamin D in the body, which controls the health of bones. 
  • If you’re a fitness fanatic, magnesium is crucial to the recovery of your muscles. The processes that assist you with working out is the removal of lactic acid and boosting muscles with glucose and energy. Intake of magnesium increases your cellular hydration, electrolyte balance and muscle performance levels if you’re at the gym or playing sport regularly. 

What to Expect from Elektra Magnesium Regarding Natural Ways to Relieve Migraine Headaches

We discovered a huge amount of magnesium research indicating the crucial role that magnesium plays in our overall health, and so decided to pursue the development of an innovative line of products that would assist people from all walks of life with several issues. Instead of taking magnesium orally, which eventually winds up at the back of your cupboard never to be seen again after the first two weeks, we developed entirely natural, vegan-friendly and effective products to provide enough magnesium for your body naturally.
  • We are pioneers in bringing transdermal magnesium treatments to Australia. All our products are free from chemicals and are completely natural. We source our material from the world’s 15% certified food grade magnesium chloride. The flakes are tested and have shown no presence of mercury nor lead in parts per billion. 
  • Our products offer your body more than just minerals. Since we supply topical products, when you apply it to your skin, you receive natural skincare support, relaxing muscle care and an effective method of transporting magnesium into your cells. The products are convenient, thus ensuring we receive our daily dose of magnesium using an everyday product. 
  • We have an online store that’s easy to navigate and provides detailed information on all our products. The checkout process is simple, and we’ll deliver to any location in the world. Our product range is available at over 300 locations in Australia, the UK, and the USA. 

About Elektra Magnesium

Our family operation commenced in late 2008 with a commitment to developing high-quality natural body care products containing magnesium. We understood that people were not taking in the correct amount of magnesium, and that pill supplements were expensive, not efficient and used for a only short time. Our goal was to create natural magnesium body care products that would be used regularly for skin care and relaxation, but also provide the body with its essential minerals.  Contact us for an innovative solution to your magnesium requirements.
magnesium via skin

Prevent 'chicken skin' (keratosis pilaris)

Got dry, lumpy, bumpy skin? Try Elektra Magnesium Cream to help cleanse and protect the skin for glowing healthy looking complexion. Rich plant fats and natural magnesium electrolytes can smooth away those bumps, and keep skin supple, hydrated and soft. Maintain daily application to help prevent build up of dry lumpy skin (ie. chicken skin), which is also called keratosis pilaris. (Read BLOG)

Elektra Magnesium Cream 3

Natural anti-ageing skin care

Magnesium skin care is a revolution in skin health and beauty maintenance. One of the reasons magnesium keeps us younger and more ‘juicy’ longer is because it is used to synthesize collagen, which is a protein scaffolding that forms structures to hold moisture and other nutrients in skin, nails and bones to organs, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, lung sacs and blood vessels…
(Read BLOG)

period-cramp pain

Gently massage in for period cramp

Symptoms of Pre Menstrual Tension PMT) or the inflammation of Endometriosis is exacerbated by magnesium deficiency. Because magnesium is a natural anti-inflammatory, giving your body a little help with extra magnesium can relieve pain, sensitivity and bloating. Your craving for chocolate at that time of the month could be because of magnesium deficiency - but you can get a lot more magnesium from Magnesium Cream!


Pregancy case study (download pdf)

See how Michaela changed her lifestyle to all natural highly nutritious regime, with daily magnesium massage and skin care - particularly on tummy area to maintain stretch capacity and resilience of skin. With her skin type being highly prone to stretch marks she had been concerned, but happily reported (with photos) that there were no stretch marks after her pregnancy. She also enjoyed a healthy pregnancy, using transdermal magnesium daily to massage tired sore muscles for relaxation and to promote better sleep.
Happy mum; happy baby.

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Enjoy an all-over luxurious natural moisturizer for face and body, which can deliver more magnesium (250-300mg per two teaspoons cream rubbed all over the body) than tablets and powders can get through the gut wall. It can also be used as an underarm deodorant! (Is there anything this cream cannot do?)

magnesium sun

Before & after sun skin recovery

Elektra Magnesium Cream is high in plant fats which help to hold moisture in and protect skin. The infused magnesium works inside the skin to support cell repair and recovery. The presence of lipids and magnesium also promote production of vitamin D in the skin. Vitamin D is then absorbed into body from skin. NOTE: Magnesium Cream is not a sun block and one should be mindful about safe length of time in sun, appropriate for skin type. If you do get a bit of sunburn, apply extra thick layer of magnesium cream for soothing cool comfort.


Magnesium Cream for pregnancy and breast-feeding mothers

Pregnant women, in particular, greatly benefit from using transdermal magnesium due to the higher magnesium demands of growing a baby in the womb, as well as the feeding demands of baby. We all know that breast feeding is a better stronger support for a developing immune system, but what does Mum have to support her needs?
Foods are generally lower in magnesium today compared to over 50 years ago. We also lose a lot of magnesium under stress, and pregnancy presents a big stress for the body that can take some time to recover from. By using transdermal magnesium we can give the body the opportunity to take up from the skin the nutrition it needs for recovery, and in its own time. Nothing is being pushed artificially into the body. It just happens - naturally. Time to RELAX and really enjoy your pregnancy, birth and beautiful new member of the family!

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