Elektra Magnesium Cream was the world’s first magnesium cream made with natural plant ingredients and food grade magnesium chloride.  Pure, natural and chem-free.

Rich creamy anti-ageing skin care and relaxing muscle massage...

Designed and developed by our formulating chemist Peter Sanderson way back in 2009, our cream (the first one being Herbal), was a great achievement, packed full of nutrition and containing 15% magnesium chloride salts, without resorting to chemical emulsifiers and preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, dimethicone, oxybenzoate, parabens or other toxic petrochemical ingredients. Skin just devours it with gratitude!


Prevent 'chicken skin' (keratosis pilaris)

Daily application also helps to prevent build up of dry lumpy skin (chicken skin), also called keratosis pilaris. For silky, smooth and clear skin apply every day.


Enjoy an all-over luxurious natural moisturizer for face and body, which can deliver more magnesium (250-300mg per two teaspoons cream rubbed all over the body) than tablets and powders can get through the gut wall. It can also be used as an underarm deodorant! (Is there anything this cream cannot do?)

Wellness from the outside - in!

It absorbs beautifully into the epidermis, integrating, hydrating and protecting skin. As magnesium attracts water from the atmosphere, and rich plant fats assist skin barrier protection, Elektra Magnesium Cream keeps your skin looking luscious and vital, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles for several hours after application. Elektra Magnesium Cream now comes in four varieties, which have different essential oil fragrances, as well as oil blends which cater for differing skin types from sensitive to oily. Each variety offers a unique nutritional package of about 20 quality plant oils and extracts to nurture skin and help it to look its best.
Use also before and after sun skin care to assist recovery. Help children and toddlers relax and sleep soundly with half teaspoon of cream massaged gently into back or legs.
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