Elektra Magnesium Cream – the world’s first natural magnesium cream

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Herbal Magnesium Cream is the one recommended for sensitive or extra dry skin due to its rich plant oils, butters and nurturing plant extracts.

Gentle enough for babies and children! Skin soothing and comforting. Skin just devours it with gratitude!
Designed and developed by our formulating chemist Peter Sanderson way back in 2009, Elektra Magnesium Cream was a great achievement. It was the first of its kind that combined several plant oils, butters and extracts successfully with infusion of high salt content of 15% magnesium chloride salts. It was stabilized using novel processes, and without resorting to chemical emulsifiers and preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, dimethicone, parabens or other cheap toxic petrochemical ingredients. Elektra Magnesium Cream features high fat content, which is why it is such a superior moisturizer and skin conditioner, as well as an efficient transdermal magnesium absorption system. It is still the most popular and best loved magnesium cream, packed full of nutrition - because WE GIVE YOU MORE!

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Elektra Magnesium Cream AUST L 183096


  • Natural (chem-free) skin care, hydration, protection and anti-itch cream
  • Anti-ageing benefits
  • Calming massage to relieve stress
  • Relief of leg cramps, period cramps and tight muscles/joints
  • Gentle enough for babies and children
  • Before and after sun skin care
  • Can replace tablet magnesium supplement if 2 or more teaspoons applied per day
  • Can replace other body moisturizer
  • More effective and great value for money
  • Superior absorption compared to magnesium tablets
  • Natural and effective underarm deodorant

Prevent 'chicken skin' (keratosis pilaris)

Got dry, lumpy, bumpy skin? Try Elektra Magnesium Cream to help cleanse and protect the skin for glowing healthy looking complexion. Rich plant fats and natural magnesium electrolytes can smooth away those bumps, and keep skin supple, hydrated and soft. Maintain daily application to help prevent build up of dry lumpy skin (ie. chicken skin), which is also called keratosis pilaris. (Read BLOG)

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Magnesium skin care - naturally

Magnesium skin care is a revolution in skin health and beauty maintenance. One of the reasons magnesium keeps us younger and more ‘juicy’ longer is because it is used to synthesize collagen, which is a protein scaffolding that forms structures to hold moisture and other nutrients in skin, nails and bones to organs, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, lung sacs and blood vessels…
(Read BLOG)

Michaela and Willow

Pregancy case study (download pdf)

See how Michaela changed her lifestyle to all natural highly nutritious regime, with daily magnesium massage and skin care - particularly on tummy area to maintain stretch capacity and resilience of skin. With her skin type being highly prone to stretch marks she had been concerned, but happily reported (with photos) that there were no stretch marks after her pregnancy. She also enjoyed a healthy pregnancy, using transdermal magnesium daily to massage tired sore muscles for relaxation and to promote better sleep.
Happy mum; happy baby.

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Enjoy an all-over luxurious natural moisturizer for face and body, which can deliver more magnesium (250-300mg per two teaspoons cream rubbed all over the body) than tablets and powders can get through the gut wall. It can also be used as an underarm deodorant! (Is there anything this cream cannot do?)

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Before & after sun skin care

Elektra Magnesium Cream is high in plant fats which help to hold moisture in and protect skin. The infused magnesium works inside the skin to support cell repair and recovery. The presence of lipids and magnesium also promote production of vitamin D in the skin. Vitamin D is then absorbed into body from skin. NOTE: Magnesium Cream is not a sun block and one should be mindful about safe length of time in sun, appropriate for skin type. If you do get a bit of sunburn, apply extra thick layer of magnesium cream for soothing cool comfort.


Magnesium for pregnancy and breast-feeding mothers

Pregnant women, in particular, greatly benefit from using transdermal magnesium due to the higher magnesium demands of growing a baby in the womb, as well as the feeding demands of baby. We all know that breast feeding is a better stronger support for a developing immune system, but what does Mum have to support her needs?
Foods are generally lower in magnesium today compared to over 50 years ago. We also lose a lot of magnesium under stress, and pregnancy presents a big stress for the body that can take some time to recover from. By using transdermal magnesium we can give the body the opportunity to take up from the skin the nutrition it needs for recovery, and in its own time. Nothing is being pushed artificially into the body. It just happens - naturally. Time to RELAX and really enjoy your pregnancy, birth and beautiful new member of the family!

Elektra Magnesium Creams

Natural ingredients

Elektra Magnesium Cream absorbs beautifully into the skin, integrating, hydrating and protecting the epidermis. As magnesium attracts water from the atmosphere, and rich plant fats assist skin barrier protection, Elektra Magnesium Cream keeps your skin looking luscious and vital, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles for several hours after application. Elektra Magnesium Cream comes in four varieties, which have different essential oil fragrances, as well as oil blends which cater for differing skin types from sensitive to oily. Each variety offers a unique nutritional package of about 20 quality plant oils and extracts to nurture skin and help it to look its best.

Magnesium Cream 'HERBAL'

Herbal Magnesium Cream Ingredients

Magnesium Cream 'SENSORY GOLD'

Sensory Gold Magnesium Cream

Magnesium Cream 'ZEST CITRUS'

Zest Citrus Magnesium Cream Ingredients

Magnesium Cream 'ISLAND SPICE'

Island Spice Magnesium Cream Ingredients
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