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Discover how magnesium chloride can improve skin condition and health, as well as easily deliver magnesium to correct magnesium deficiency symptoms. It works so much better than tablets!

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Magnesium Rejuvenation : Relax muscles, hydrate and recover from stress…

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PEDI-SPA RELAXATION AND DETOX SOAKING  Many of our health and beauty salon practitioners have discovered how powerful magnesium can be to relax muscles and also to hydrate and detox with magnesium soaking. The epidermis is a powerful organ that can release toxins and wastes transdermally via hot water soaking in magnesium baths or footsoaks.  People who have absorbed toxic chemicals from their work environment, or who have undergone chemo and radiation therapy, find it very beneficial to use magnesium soaking to help detox, which helps to lift the load from liver and kidney.  It’s also super relaxing, skin hydrating and softens cracked dry heels.

MUSCLE RECOVERY  Magnesium soaking is great for exercise recovery and performance. Regular magnesium soaking helps muscles and ligaments stay flexible and stretchy, which also helps reduce risk of injury from falls. 

HYDRATION   Elektra Magnesium Flakes, being certified food grade, can also be used to remineralise filtered drinking water, creating a more hydrating, thirst-quenching and revitalising mineral water.  Magnesium has a great affinity for water. Its presence helps cells hydrate, which means they can cleanse, flush and detox cells better.  Drinking magnesium mineral water also gives the brain a lift because it uses a lot of water and electrolytes.  If you have been feeling a little down in the dumps and low in energy, this may be just what you need to re-hydrate and charge up again.  

Magnesium and water are essential elements for metabolism and electrical energy production.  All you need to re-mineralise filtered drinking water and mimic what would be in an average spring water, is to add one pinch of magnesium flakes per litre of water. See VIDEO.  This amount would weigh about half a gram and contain 160mg of elemental magnesium.  It does not cause loose stool, but is easily absorbed via the gut wall at this light concentration (just like alkaline spring water).  If you ingest high concentrations such as what would be in magnesium tablets, the gut wall cannot cope with absorption of so much, and most is wasted.  Magnesium water tastes great!  You will want to drink more, but because the water is more hydrating, it takes longer to wash through the system and you don’t pass it out as quickly with frequent urination, as happens with de-mineralised water.  This means that cells more readily take up the water and hydrate better.  Good hydration rejuvenates the skin – and everything else!

MASSAGE TREATMENT  If your salon offers massage therapy, you and your clients will just love a massage with Magnesium Cream.

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Magnesium enhances and super-charges all body therapies. The rich plant fats help to absorb magnesium into the epidermis, where the capillaries of the dermis have access to absorption of the magnesium. However, the body is in control of what it absorbs this way and will only take up what it can use at that time.  There is no danger of overdose, so rest assured you can use as much as you like until it feels better. 

Massage of the muscles enhances blood circulation and lymph drainage.  It also helps the magnesium transit deeper into the muscle tissue for use to soften areas with too much calcium accumulation.  The increase in calcium deposition is a sign of magnesium deficiency because magnesium controls how calcium is used in the body.  As magnesium levels drop, too much calcium is left in the membrane channels, which start to squeeze, contract and harden.  This is also how low magnesium causes cramps, twitches and restless legs.

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ANTI-AGING SKIN CARE  Elektra Magnesium Creams gently deliver natural magnesium chloride (15% concentration) into the epidermis via a carefully designed blend of antioxidant plant extracts together with rich oils and butters.  They are literally packed full of nutrition. Skin just loves these products and devours them with gratitude! Elektra Magnesuim Creams are skin barrier protective and moisturising, plumping up cells to express life force and keep us looking healthy and vital.  These luxurious rich creams are made with high quality plant ingredients (chem-free) and infused with natural food grade (certified) magnesium chloride.

REJUVENATE STRESSED SKIN  Stress, anxiety and illness can lead to problem skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and hot itchy rashes.  Our number one best seller for soothing these types of skin conditions is Herbal Magnesium Cream, which has antibacterial herbal extracts in a protective plant butter base.  This rich supportive cream caters for the more sensitive, dryer or weathered looking skin conditions.  Sensory Gold is also very rich and suitable for medium to dry skin.

BEFORE AND AFTER SUN CARE  Skin stress from excessive sun exposure can be calmed and recovered with Magnesium Cream (any of the 4).  Use generously before and after sun for best results.

SCAR TISSUE AND STRETCH MARKS  Alleviate and soften damaged skin with daily use of Magnesium Cream.  It can also be used generously by pregnant women to prevent stretch marks forming.   

ACNE CONDITIONS  Some may experience skin stress symptoms as outbreaks of acne and pimples because stress-induced magnesium deficiency can upset hormone balance.  Most popular Magnesium Creams sold for anti-acne treatment and clear skin are Zest Citrus and Island Spice.


Baby Calm Balm – for babies and ultra sensitive skin type

An ultra-light protective magnesium cream formula specially developed for baby skin and to help keep baby calm and relaxed. Use with relaxation massage for better sleep and natural skin care. Helps prevent nappy rash, as well as clear up cradle cap and milk pimples quickly. This gorgeous cream is packed full of nutrition, yet light as angel wings! Can also be used as a facial moisturiser day cream. (Very light at 5% magnesium chloride salts). Because Mum doesn’t need to miss out!

Love your body with Nature’s best…


Nutrition via skin feels sooooo good!



YOUR CLIENTS WILL BE BACK FOR MORE!  Professional salons offering magnesium treatments love the positive feedback and glowing comments from their clients after they have experienced the luxury, relaxation from stress and rejuvenation offered by a transdermal magnesium charge.

What other wellness practitioners have to say about Elektra Magnesium

“Just wanted you to know that you have a superior product. A local big pharmacy chain just brought in another range of magnesium from oz and I had a go at their testers, and there is barely any effect compared to yours.”
– Li-Anne, Nature’s Intelligence Kinesiology, Singapore.

” It seems that most Australians have sub-optimal magnesium levels… I cannot really really thank you enough for the mag cream (Elektra Magnesium Cream). It is turning my skin around slowly, but pleasingly. ” – Anne (cardiac surgeon)

“I’m selling lots of the magnesium products and got some good feedback from a current client, who asked me to pass this on to you. She is a 55+ year old woman who lives in Toowoomba who has had skin lesions on the back of her hands. She has noticed that since using the magnesium cream, the lesions (which had caused quite deep scarring on the backs of her hands) has been healing. Needless to say, she is thrilled.” – Jo (clinician)

“I have personally been taking a good quality oral magnesium supplement for years but have certainly noticed a dramatic improvement since taking the Elektra Magnesium Transdermal therapy. In particular, a month ago after doing a 12km run and suffering significant post-exercise muscle soreness, I experience a very rapid response when I applied body lotion containing Elektra Magnesium Chloride Salts. I was truly amazed at how quickly and completely my muscle tightness/soreness was relieved. I now continue to apply it twice daily for myself and my family as our Magnesium supplement, and have stopped taking the oral supplement. I also recommend it to many of my patients with muscle tightness. – Kim (physiotherapist)

“I have used your magnesium cream in number of patients and results are very encouraging. I am glad to share my observations: 1. Highly effective in contact dermatitis; 2. Also shown good results in psoriasis; 3. Highly effective in management of pain in cervical and lumbar spondylitis. Thanks.” Dr Vishnu Gupta

After your clients realise just how good Elektra Magnesium products are they will not want to run out!  They also tend to buy extra for their loved ones because kids and partners also usually need extra magnesium! Today magnesium deficiency is quite high in many people due to depleted food supply and higher levels of stress.  Why not try natural ‘Nutrition Via Skin’ – because it feels sooooo good!




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