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Elektra, the Magnesium Spa Goddess...
What is the mythos origin of the name Elektra?

Greek Goddess of the Storm Clouds

In ancient Greek mythology Elektra is one of the Okeanides; the water bearing cloud children of Okeanos (the ocean) and Tethys (a sea goddess daughter of Gaia ie. earth, world).  Elektra is the goddess of the stormy sea clouds which draw their moisture up from the sea. They are charged with lightening and form around islands near the summits of mountains. We get the word ‘electricity’ from the goddess Elektra.

Elektra married Thaumas, a powerful sea god, and had several children: Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, as well as the Harpies.  The rainbow is often seen extending from the sea into rain or storm clouds.

Elektra is a powerful bringer of life through the water and electrical charge.

Honor Elektra with amber. We get our beautiful amber from the sea. Interestingly,  when you rub amber with a soft cloth you will produce  static electricity in honor of Elektra.

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Magnesium Spa for Clinics: Try the relaxation and hydration mineral...

Splash me beautiful...


Many of our health and beauty clinic practitioners have discovered how powerful magnesium can be to relax muscles in massage (face and body), and also to hydrate and detox with magnesium soaking.  Magnesium has a great affinity for water. Its presence helps cells hydrate, which means they can cleanse, flush and detox better.

Elektra Magnesium Flakes, being certified food grade, can also be used to remineralise filtered drinking water, creating a more hydrating, thirst-quenching and revitalising mineral water.  Drinking magnesium water helps cells to flush out wastes and toxins better.  It also gives the brain a lift because it uses a lot of water and electrolytes.  If you have been feeling a little down in the dumps and low in energy, this may be just what you need to charge up again.

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Elektra Magnesium Creams deliver natural magnesium chloride into the epidermis via a carefully designed blend of antioxidant plant extracts together with rich oils and butters.  They are literally packed full of nutrition. Skin just loves these products and devours them with gratitude! Elektra Magnesuim Creams are skin barrier protective and moisturising, plumping up cells to express life force and keep us looking healthy and vital.  They are made with high quality plant ingredients (chem-free) and infused with natural food grade (certified) magnesium chloride.

Professional magnesium spa clinics love the positive feedback and glowing comments from their clients after they have experienced the luxury and rejuvenation offered by a ‘magnesium charge’.

Clinics can offer specialized wellness and beauty treatments to relax from stress and help skin recover, such as magnesium massage, foot spa, pedicure and facial.  After clients realise just how good Elektra Magnesium products are they come back again and again to buy more when they run out.  They also tend to buy extra for their loved ones too because kids and partners also usually need extra magnesium! Today magnesium deficiency is quite high in many people due to depleted food supply and higher levels of stress.  Why not try natural ‘Nutrition Via Skin’ – because it feels sooooo good!

Stress, anxiety and illness also lead to problem skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and hot itchy rashes.  Skin can start to look more aged and older, dryer and more tired looking.  Others may experience stress with outbreaks of acne and pimples because stress can upset hormone balance.  But guess what?   More magnesium can helps all of these issues to soothe, calm, relax and recover from stress.

Love your body with Nature's best...


Nutrition via skin feels sooooo good!

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