Magnesium for pets

Magnesium for Pets

The importance of magnesium for pets

Domestic pets develop more skin irritations these days because they are lacking in magnesium, in the same way as their human masters can develop eczema or psoriasis conditions.  Immune defences become weaker as magnesium levels drop lower and this affects skin health.  At the same time, they may be exposed to additives and chemicals in the food supply, particularly in packaged or canned pet foods. Magnesium for pets should be a priority these days.

Pets can also take on board the stresses felt by their masters, so make sure you are also supplementing with natural magnesium as part of your fresh food balanced diet.

It is important in the diet to avoid grains that may be in some commercial pet foods as a cheap filler because dogs and cats develop the wrong microbiome in the gut from such foods. They can produce excessive acidic by-products that react on the nervous system, producing skin inflammation, bad breath and muscle disorders. The importance of magnesium for pets cannot be overstated.  Your furry friend can be a much better companion when they have ample magnesium.  It helps to relax, recharge and recover.

Most of our testing and experience has been with dogs that are prone to eczema-type conditions. These are often skin conditions triggered by stress or chemicals and result in nervous system reactions in the skin. In the case of dogs, Elektra Magnesium Pet Cream rubbed into belly and any area with less fur so the skin can be contacted, helps to calm down the itch and provide relief for the dog.  It’s also super relaxing. and provides an excellent source of magnesium for pets.



Magnesium is naturally anti-inflammatory AND the rich plant oils are soothing for skin.   Elektra Magnesium Pet Cream is based on ‘Herbal’ Magnesium Cream but with extra neem oil.  This means it also has good anti-microbial properties.  The cream is made of all natural and organic ingredients and does not contain pretro-chemicals.

We have found that pets seem to ‘know’ it’s good for them and tend to leave the area alone after application. As the magnesium cream soothes and calms down the inflammation or itch, it is no longer tempting for the pet to provoke the area anymore, giving it a chance to heal.


Magnesium for dogs

magnesium dog spa

It is recommended not to use harsh detergent soaps for bathing your pet. Choose a gentle wash for sensitive skin.  A half a cup of magnesium flakes and a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate can provide a more soothing bath. This is a great way to deliver magnesium for pets because they can absorb magnesium transdermally like humans.

We also recommend a few of the magnesium flakes in your pet’s drinking water bowl every day. Everyone should be drinking electrolyte-charged water for better hydration!  Oral magnesium via drinking water may not deliver enough magnesium by itself, so it’s a good idea to add magnesium chloride flakes to their bath for good measure.   They love it too!


Magnesium for cats


Providing magnesium for pets helps calm a spooky temperament.  Cats can become quite skittish when magnesium levels drop low.   But they seem to bounce back quickly with a small amount magnesium in the drinking water. Just add a few flakes to their drinking water bowl, but not too much so as not to cause loose stool. Combine with a good fresh food diet of meat and fish for healthy with shiny coats.  There is usually no need to rub on the magnesium cream for cats (and they wriggle too much anyway!).


Beware of chemicals

A lot of skin inflammations can be traced to chemicals in the environment, and/or not getting enough sunshine and fresh air.  In this case extra magnesium can help boost the strength of the immune system to detox and repair, but it can help a lot more if you manage to avoid the chemicals.  Magnesium for dogs, cats and horses also helps support the beneficial microbiome of the gut, which further strengthens the immune system.

Magnesium for calmer horses

Magnesium for horses

Horses have also responded very well to Elektra Magnesium Pet Cream in the relief of itch and dry skin conditions.  Many horse owners supplement their horse’s diet with magnesium by dissolving 1/2 to one cup of magnesium chloride flakes (food grade) and mixing it into their daily feeds. This has a wonderful calming effect on horses, as they are prone to high levels of stress and hyper-sensitivity if magnesium levels get too low. Horses can also suffer from horse diabetes and hoof laminitis as a result of prolonged magnesium deficiency.  Magnesium is essential for bone health.

Unfortunately, as our soils are generally magnesium depleted, the green grasses that horse graze on are high in sugar, but low in magnesium. This can lead to acidosis and other degenerative diseases – as well as cranky temper!

Natural food grade magnesium chloride also contains 2% of other trace minerals, thereby delivering a package of minerals via mother nature.  The amount supplemented in the feeds mimics what was naturally available in their traditional wild mountain environment diet which horses evolved from.

(More information about feeding methods and magnesium supplementation for horses is at )

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Elektra Magnesium For Pets

It is essential these days to supplement pets with magnesium for optimal health and nutrition because our food supply has become increasingly depleted in magnesium.  Stress also causes excessive magnesium loss.  Our animals share the same deficiencies and diseases as their human masters. 

Magnesium for Dogs:

You can help to make your favourite pooch’s life more comfortable and happier when they have plenty of available magnesium.

This itch is driving me crazy!
This itch is driving me crazy!

Constant scratching and biting at the site of an irritation can cause the fur to recede in that area. This can be a sign of magnesium deficiency.  The most natural way to supplement magnesium for pets is to use magnesium chloride for drinking water, as well as topical magnesium chloride products.


Magnesium Pet Cream 50g JarMagnesium Pet Cream 50g Jar For Pets – particularly dogs or horses with itchy eczema type skin irritations, sandfly or mosquito bites, or nervous system disorders.

To sooth itchy skin use a small amount of Elektra Magnesium Cream for Pets on the afflicted area as required. It may tingle, however this is a temporary effect and fades quickly.  Avoid application to broken skin as it may sting, but rather apply to surrounding area.  After rubbing in about one teaspoon the skin itching calms down and the animal stops scratching or scratches less.  Apply regularly every day until the inflammation subsides and the skin returns to normal with fur growing back.  The natural oils provide a protective, soothing and moisturising effect. Ingredients: Blend of natural plant butters and oils infused with magnesium (See ingredients Elektra Magnesium Cream – Herbal on FAQ page for Mg Cream. Pet Mg Cream is the same formula, but with extra neem oil). Magnesium cream is non-toxic and contains no parabens, animal products or petrochemical ingredients.


Magnesium Chloride Flakes:  Add some electrolytes to your pet’s drinking water (dogs, cats, horses etc) to make a mineral alkaline water for better hydration.  Use the same amount as for making mineral drinking water for humans.  See instructions here.

Keeping cool and hydrated with my magnesium water.
Keeping cool and hydrated with my magnesium water.

Magnesium Flakes 1Kg (Food Grade)


Recommended:  One small pinch of Mg flakes per litre of filtered water.


Elektra Magnesium For Pets 2Magnesium Oil Spritz:  This can be an alternative magnesium for pets application. For extra relaxation after a hard day at the races there is nothing better to unwind and help muscles recover, not to mention also getting a better sleep, than having your master rub your tummy and legs with a few sprays of Elektra Magnesium Oil Spritz.

This professional greyhound usually came home after the races in a very agitated state and found it difficult to relax and settle down.  The reason this happens is that after great exertions we use up a lot of magnesium stores.  Lower magnesium levels are associated with hyperactivity and agitation.  When enough magnesium is supplied the symptoms go away and the muscles can relax again.  Relaxation is essential for recovery and the building of new cells.  Magnesium also helps us to drift off in a sound slumber, waking up more refreshed and ready for another great exertion!  Magnesium for pets.

Greyhound on Magnesium "Feels sooooo good!" Greyhound on Magnesium

“Feels sooooo good!”

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