Magnesium Flakes (Food Grade)


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Magnesium Flakes (Food Grade)

Food Grade Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate 98% MgCl2.6H20 (min 46% MgCl2).  Magnesium Flakes 1Kg, 250g or 4kg Bucket.

  • Food-grade quality magnesium chloride salt flakes with sea trace minerals – can be used for remineralising filtered drinking water, mouthwash, as well as bathing.
  • Naturally evaporated magnesium chloride salt from pristine region 3,000m above sea level in the Tibetan Plateau (not near populations, mining or agri-industry).
  • Laboratory tested in Australia (no mercury nor lead detected).
  • Contains over 16% elemental magnesium ions (the highest in the range of magnesium chlorides)

Keep air tight. Flakes will draw moisture if exposed to air for too long. If they draw too much moisture over a long time you can just liquefy the rest and use as a magnesium oil the same way as the flakes were used. The magnesium chloride does the same job whether as flakes or liquefied.  But you should be using them up faster to get your daily dose of magnesium!


Magnesium soaking allows your body to absorb magnesium via thе skin, effectively bypassing the digestive system and gaining faster access to cells.  It is a superior method of absorbing magnesium to tissue cells in the case of magnesium deficiency compared to taking tablets and powders, which аrе inefficiently digested and mostly expelled into the toilet. The gut wall can only cope with dilute amounts of magnesium – otherwise the stool liquefies and you lose the magnesium too quickly.  Your internal tissue cells in muscle and bone may be starving for more magnesium, but the only way to absorb very large amounts of magnesium ions naturally is to let the skin do all the work via magnesium water soaking, or to apply Magnesium Cream or Magnesium Charge Lotion.

The other great benefit of magnesium foot soaking or bathing is the therapeutic effect of the heat of the water itself.  Magnesium soaking is very soothing and relaxing and helps to prepare for a sound sleep if done half an hour before bed time.


Whether you soak in a full bath or via a footsoak, over half an hour of soaking, magnesium absorption slows down and then stops as the skin reservoir reaches saturation.  In this way the body is self-regulating.  It doesn’t matter from where on the body you absorb magnesium ions.  This means that over half an hour the body can take up about the same amount from the footsoak as it can from the bath.  However, the bath can deliver faster results all over the body due to the immersion and heat. This is a bonus for those recovering from surgery, injury, inflammation or other painful conditions. For these conditions use 2-3 cups magnesium flakes. The benefits of the footsoak is that it is often more convenient and uses less water and magnesium flakes.


During Magnesium Soaking your skin also has the opportunity to excrete waste products, which lifts the load on the liver and kidneys.  This is an added advantage.


Elektra Magnesium Flakes can be used to make mineral alkaline drinking water from filtered, distilled or rain water.  It can also be used to make a mouth wash with a stronger concentration (1 teaspoon per 250-300mL), which is alkalising and beneficial for teeth and gum health.  Magnesium is anti-inflammatory and supports healing and recovery.


  • BATH: 1 or 2 cups per bath.
  • FOOTSOAK: 1 dessertspoon or tablespoon full in half bucket hot water.
  • Mg OIL MASSAGE or COMPRESS: 50g or 60g per 100ml water (adjust lower for sensitive skin). You can also apply additional plant oil to massage. With direct application to skin in massage or compress you may experience temporary tingling sensation. The solution may be diluted further if required.  As magnesium cellular stores are replenished the tingling sensation dissipates.
  • MOUTHWASH: 1 teaspoon per 250-350ml purified water. Store solution away from daylight. This dilution can also be used as an eye make up remover with application to cotton applicator.
  • MINERAL WATER FOR ENHANCED HYDRATION: To restore minerals in drinking water after distillation, reverse osmosis filtering, or in rain water, add a small pinch (approx 0.5 gram) in 1 litre water. Some people may like a bit more if they perspire a lot.  It depends how much electrolyte loss you experience.  There is no one precise amount for all.  Adjust to suit individual requirements.
    Magnesium Flakes 1kg

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Muscle spasm relief

5 5 1
I tried this for a lower back muscle spasm and was surprised at it becoming effective within minutes.

Thank you!!!

5 5 1
Firstly, thank you. I've tried numerous other magnesium topicals and supplements in the past with minimal results, or results with [unwanted] side-effects. Applied twice daily, the Elektra Magnesium Cream has not only put an end to the daily headaches I've been having for over the past year, but they've also helped soothe nerve issues in my leg from a fall in 2016, which has in turn aided in my rehab process. Not to mention, the cream has also made delayed onset muscle soreness a thing of the past, making my rehab and re-strengthening process a lot more comfortable than it would have been. It's also one of the very few body moisturisers that soaks into my sensitive skin well without any irritation or rash. More than anything though, I'm so happy to be freed up from Panadol and Advil. I'll be making sure I always have a tub of this with me.


5 5 1
Brilliant Product wonderful people fabulous service.

Cramp relief

5 5 1
I purchased some products from you at the Melb show yesterday. For my own use, and hopefully on my hubby also. My hubby is a very big sceptic when it comes to these sorts of things, however.....last night he jumped up from the couch with a massive cramp in his calf. I rubbed in some cream and followed up with a spray of oil spritz. I wasn't surprised when he asked me to rub some more in this morning and again tonight. Loving your products already. Thank you!

Speedy Recovery

5 5 1
Elektra magnesium cream, oil spritz and salt flakes have come to my rescue over the last 3 years due to my advancing osteoarthritis of the right hip. Its now been 5 months since my hip replacement and I can truly say that the daily use of the salt flakes in a warm bath and application of the cream/spritz has greatly helped in my speedy recovery after major surgery. I am now enjoying my morning walks, weekly yoga and ballet classes with much ''Joie de vivre''!

Superior Magnesium, helped healing with almost no scarring!

5 5 1
I do not leave home without these products that are far superior to any other magnesium product on the market ! I've had two shoulder reconstructive surgeries and a knee and wrist reconstruction. I've been using this cream for many years and particularly note that the scars where my surgeries were have healed so well the doctors who completed my surgery now call the other specialist around to look at how well my scars ave healed! they can't believe the scar tissue is nearly invisible!! Elektra Magnesium cream, spritz and salts means the world to me... it is the most precious possession that I own. Thank you Elektra magnesium for helping me maintain my health.

Regained full motion in both arms! Pain free to this day

5 5 1
In 2012 I had xrays done on both my shoulder joints to find out why I was stiff and in pain each night and was restricted with movement in both my arms. The xrays showed bursitis and calcification and I was advised to have a cortisol injection to relieve the pain. This was not an option for me and neither was an operation to scrape away the calcification if it came to that. I went online and researched and eventually came across Magnesium products made by various companies. I researched the all and wanted to see if there were any differences in them. I decided on the Elektra brand and gave Sandy a call. She was more than willing to spend an hour on the phone with me explaining Magnesium to me. I was thrilled to get valuable information from Sandy. I went out and purchased the salts, the cream, the spritz and used all of it every day. I pumped in to my body whenever I could. Not long after that and still to this day, I have none whatsoever pain in my shoulders. I have full range of motion in both of them. I also noticed that I felt a whole lot healthier both in the body and in the mind. Now the mistake that I made was to feel a little too complacent about my good health and I began getting lazy with using the Magnesium products. My body is starting to complain again but now it is in my legs. They are extremely stiff and sore and I have been losing sleep at night because of the pain in both of my legs. I had just started back at the gym so I put it down to that at first but then I thought that I must be deficient in something. But the confusing part for me was that this pain was not consistent. It would come and go and it would not be the same. It would vary in the type of pain and the area of my legs. Initially started in just one leg. To rule out any nasty dis-eases I went and had blood tests and and ultrasound done just the other day. Nothing showed up. They were all clear. I was just wanting to rule out Deep Vein Thrombosis really as that can be deadly. This morning I realised that I had stopped using my Magnesium products and so I smothered my legs in cream I had. I then went to the health food store and purchased more salts. I am now pumping water in to me with the salts dissolved in it and I am about to have a foot bath with salts also. So all I can say is this - Get your Elektra now and use it. You will feel like a new person. And I was not paid to say this 🙂 I just love a good product that is natural.

Safe Magnesium

5 5 1
Amazing Customer Service! Ordered on Sunday/Monday & my order arrived today - Wednesday I’ve been looking for a Magnesium which is safe to drink for a good 6 months & couldn’t find any until I came across Elektra Gratitude for your amazing product & Service
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