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Magnesium Skin Care – Naturally

Magnesium skin care is a revolution in skin health and beauty maintenance.  One of the reasons magnesium keeps us younger and more ‘juicy’ longer  is because it is used to synthesize collagen, which is a protein scaffolding that forms structures to hold moisture and other nutrients in skin, nails and bones to organs, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, lung sacs and blood vessels… See STUDY  ‘Magnesium and Connective Tissue’.

Adequate elastin that adds elasticity is also dependent on sufficient magnesium.  When magnesium gets low collagen structures get thinner: Membranes get thinner and more compromised.  We literally start to fall apart!  There is even a sense of not holding together very well and feeling more fragile and easily overwhelmed.  When magnesium is low stress responses become more acute.  Free calcium starts to make blood thicken and deposit in soft tissue such as arterial walls (causing high blood pressure), as well as joints, making us harder and ‘crunchier’ over time.  Lack of magnesium ages us prematurely.

Magnesium skin care products use the skin to deliver vital magnesium to cells, bypassing the digestive system.  Transdermal magnesium supplementation is an ideal way to absorb large amounts of magnesium in the case of deficiency. Very little of the magnesium in oral tablet and powder supplements actually makes it through the gut wall and into the tissue cells where it is used in the body and most is expelled by the digestive system.  However, the skin can act as a nutrient reservoir, absorbing and holding fats, water and magnesium ions in the collagen scaffolding of the epidermis where tiny capillaries of the dermis underneath can absorb the nutrients required.  This allows for a passive and sustained release over a number of hours after application.  The body just takes up what it needs at any one time – as long as it is applied and available from the epidermis.

The skin will take up optimal levels of magnesium when it is well moisturised and conditioned with lipids.   The dryer the skin cells, the harder the barrier.  Skin is very lipid (fat) loving and therefore sucks up Elektra Magnesium Cream readily.

dryskin This is no problem when having a magnesium bath or foot-soak because the hot water softens and opens the skin barrier with ample hydration so that magnesium ions can penetrate.  However, when the skin is dry and you don’t have the help of hot water, for magnesium chloride salts (or pure magnesium oil) to penetrate skin you need the help of a good natural cream emulsion of oil and water to plump up skin cells by delivering both moisture and the skin barrier protection of rich plant butters. The main base butter of Elektra Magnesium Cream is raw shea butter, which is loaded with natural vitamins in contrast to its washed out processed version.

Magnesium is constantly used by cells and needs to be replenished on a daily basis.  Elektra Magnesium Cream is a nutrient-dense natural moisturiser which uses about 20 different ingredients including rich plant oils and butters packed full of natural vitamins and infused with natural food grade magnesium chloride salt (including sea trace minerals).  It’s a complete meal for skin.  Once the body receives all the raw nutritional ingredients it needs, it can perform its functions such as cleaning and detoxification, healing and repairs. sure also to drink plenty of mineral water (filtered water with added Elektra Magnesium Flakes) to ensure adequate hydration, as we are mostly made of water and minerals. Magnesium electrolytes help to make the water more hydrating by delivering a negative charge.  This helps to hold water inside cells keeping them plumped up and ‘juicy’, as well as keeping the plasma rivers of your body flowing smoothly.

Use Elektra Magnesium Cream all over the body (if you like, also on face) as a daily moisturiser for magnesium skin care, as well as a magnesium supplement.  Two teaspoons deliver 250- 300mg elemental magnesium. You can also use it as an underarm deodorant, before sun and after sun recovery, anti-itch cream and massage cream for muscle relaxation and recovery.  Use it once or twice a day… or as many times as you like.  Your skin will regulate supply from there.  Listen and watch for your body’s feedback and response to work out what is right for you.


Elektra Magnesium Cream offers magnesium skin care for all ages and skin types, as there are four different types (all with the same magnesium content, but different fragrance and textures):  Try a half teaspoon gently massaged into your toddler’s back or rubbed into feet to quiet them when upset and not settling.  Massage into a pregnant tummy to condition stretching skin and promote relaxation.  Massage into abdomen for relief of period cramps and tension.   Massage into tight muscles, restless legs or arthritic joints for relaxation.  Couples can even give each other a loving magnesium massage to unwind and recover from the stresses of the day. 

Elektra Magnesium Cream is a wonderful stress management tool, potent magnesium supplement, as well as natural skin care moisturiser.   Elektra Magnesium skin care at its best!

Gentle enough for babies and children...

For Relief of Stress, Pain, Inflammation, Muscle Cramping, Restless Legs and Skin Disorders:  WARNING: Once you try Elektra Magnesium Cream, you will love it so much you may become addicted to feeling good and looking forward to wrapping yourself in the luxury of Elektra Magnesium Cream every day as your magnesium skin care ritual!

Feels sooooo good…

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