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WORKS FAST!  MILD FORMULA (15% MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE SALT) FOR NATURAL SKIN CARE AND RELAXING MUSCLE MASSAGE: Recommended for all ages, this luxurious anti-ageing moisturising magnesium cream for face and body is ideal for combination skin types (dry and oily).

Gentle, but potent, with mild 15% magnesium chloride, is recommended by many natural health and beauty therapists for natural skin and muscle care. It has been a transdermal magnesium favourite in Australia since 2011. Feel the difference it makes as your skin and muscles blissfully relax, recharge and recover.  Absorbs beautifully, leaving skin refreshed and younger-looking. Use it for the face and body as an anti-aging and anti-acne skin care moisturiser, as well as a natural deodorant and massage cream. Elektra Magnesium Cream also works wonders as a before-and-after-sun skincare treatment to protect and help skin recover. The scent is a light uplifting fragrance from pure essential oils of lemongrass and bergamot, finishing with a hint of almond. Beautiful, luxurious, rich and reviving – loved by young and old.  The citronella in the natural essential oils is also a deterrent for insects.  20 different all-natural (chem-free and non-GMO) plant ingredients work together for optimal results to enhance the absorption of magnesium transdermally. It is vegan friendly and gentle enough for babies, the elderly and everyone in between! 2 teaspoons deliver 300mg elemental magnesium.  One all-over cream application provides superior and gentle magnesium supplementation, compared to digestion of magnesium tablets and powders which are largely wasted by the digestive system and can cause bowel irritation. Use Elektra Magnesium Cream in relaxing muscle massage to loosen up and unwind from stress, and to promote better sleep.  A great multi-purpose skin and muscle care cream. RELAX ~ RECHARGE ~ RECOVER

Sample of Customer Reviews… (There are more on the product description page where you see the stars).

“My elderly mum is in constant severe pain in back neck and shoulders. Elektra magnesium cream is the only thing that gives her relief from the pain and is a great moisturiser for her skin. I also use the cream for severe leg and feet cramps. I have tried other magnesium creams on the market but this is the best one I’ve found. My online orders are always delivered within a few days.” Marlene Fuller

“I use this for my face and body cream now and you can definitely see that magnesium glow.” Natasha Anne-Werner

“Love it and helps tremendously with my leg cramps.” Mary Mott

“Your product has given me a lot of relief thank you.” Vicki Bryant


Zest Citrus Magnesium Cream (mild formula) has a refreshing and uplifting soft citrus aroma of lemongrass and bergamot. It is gentle enough for use by everyone from children to elderly.  This magnesium cream is ideal for combination skin types and works superbly as an anti-acne cream to help skin detox, whilst providing a silky hydrated finish for dry skin. If you want to smooth out lumpy bumpy skin – whether acne prone or on the dry side – this magnesium cream provides a beautiful balancing bridge between these states. 

Use of Zest Citrus Magnesium Cream

Use Elektra Magnesium Cream in a relaxing muscle massage to relieve tight or sore muscles and joints, relax the nervous system, promote better sleep and recover from stress.  It has a luxurious buttery finish and offers detoxing and regenerative effects.

Zest Citrus Magnesium Cream can be used as:

  • an all-over anti-aging moisturizer
  • face cream
  • anti-acne cream
  • underarm deodorant
  • anti-itch and skin-soothing cream
  • after-sun recovery cream (also use before sun for best hydration)
  • muscle and joint massage cream to alleviate and soothe PAIN, CRAMPS, ARTHRITIS and INFLAMMATION
  • massage cream for relaxation and promotion of better sleep.

Zest Citrus Magnesium Cream Ingredients

Zest Citrus Magnesium Cream contains all natural plant based ingredients infused with natural magnesium chloride salts (chemical-free)

NOTE – PURE ESSENTIAL OILS:  The total amount of essential oil content used in Zest Citrus Magnesium Cream (for fragrance) is not more than 0.3 of one percent.


Another bonus with Zest Citrus Magnesium Cream is that insects like mosquitoes and midges don’t like the naturally occurring citronella in the essential oils of this cream.  The citrus oils also inhibit acne bacteria, which means Zest Citrus Magnesium Cream is ideal also for combination skin stype – that is, both for dry skin, and for those prone to acne conditions.

Rich plant oils and butters nurture and protect skin, leaving a silky smooth finish. Use as daily natural face and body moisturizer, before & after sun skin care, deodorant and muscle massage cream. Made with natural and organic ingredients and 2 teaspoons provide 300mg elemental magnesium – an average daily magnesium supplement – which is more magnesium delivered to cells than by tablets or powders.  And it works faster too!

Some individuals may need two or three times the average daily magnesium requirement in cases of more severe magnesium deficiency or high levels of stress. In this case extra magnesium can be supplied via Elektra Magnesium Oil Spritz, Elektra Magnesium Charge Lotion, as well as foot soaking or bathing with Elektra Magnesium Flakes.

There is no risk of overdose with transdermal magnesium because the body only takes up from the epidermis the magnesium that it can deal with at any one time.  The skin acts in this way as a reservoir of nutrients – a bit like a dinner plate or smorgasbord.  There are no chemicals in Elektra Magnesium products which artificially interfere with the healthy working of the skin barrier. The rich plant oils and butters help hold the magnesium ions inside the epidermal layer until used by the body.  Zest Citrus Magnesium Cream helps keep the skin well hydrated, plumped up and protected for several hours after application.

CIRCULAR ECONOMY PACKAGING FOR A BETTER ENVIRONMENT: Our 150g and 15g tubes are made with 30% recycled LDPE plastic, and the tubes are fully recyclable.

Great Value for Money

Zest Citrus Magnesium Cream 300g is the go-to choice to have in your bathroom for those needing to use a moisturiser every day. Two teaspoons used all over the body every day (offering 300mg of elemental magnesium), means the jar will last one month or more. This offers great value for money, as you get both a powerful magnesium supplement and a natural skin care product at the same time. You can also use it as a natural underarm deodorant. Even more value! The 100g and 20g tube sizes are also handy travel and purse sizes.

Many Researchers Call Magnesium ‘The Anti-Aging Mineral’

The body uses magnesium to rest, recover from stress, re-hydrate cells, restore energy levels and strengthen bones. Magnesium and moisture provide more shock absorbing capacity for bones because magnesium has a strong affinity with water. Cells need it to be present in water in order to hydrate better. Magnesium is arguably the most important mineral electrolyte in the body for that reason. If magnesium levels drop too low bones cells start to leak out their calcium stores and this is the beginning of osteoporosis.

Magnesium helps electrical and nervous system conductance in the body, as well as keeping the fluidity of our blood circulation and lymph system normal. In a sense, magnesium and water help to keep us younger and ‘juicier’!

In order to maintain our electrolyte fluids we also need the good oils (cholesterol fats) which stop our water from evaporating into the atmosphere. The cell membrane is made up of a lipid bi-layer, which has channels that open and close, letting wastes out and allowing nutrients in. The good fats help us to stay well lubricated, keeping the moisture where it is supposed to be. The skin barrier is a similar version of protective membrane.

As 99% of magnesium in the body is stored in muscle and bone, blood levels are not accurate indicators of total body magnesium levels. Muscle and bone cells can sacrifice their stored magnesium in order to keep blood levels normal. By the time we show up with low magnesium levels in blood, it indicates much more severe magnesium depletion in the rest of the body. As we age, magnesium levels drop lower and lower and it becomes very difficult to get enough magnesium via digestion alone. However, magnesium via skin can bypass the digestive system and allow the body to drink up what it needs for replenishment.

Magnesium is Essential for Bone Health

Scientific studies show, “Positive associations between greater intakes of dietary magnesium and grip strength, indices of skeletal muscle mass, and BMD in men and women in middle and older age groups.” These studies suggest that magnesium supplementation may help with strategies to prevent sarcopenia, frailty, falls, and fractures.

Citrus Magnesium Cream 300g

 Zest Citrus


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62 reviews for Zest Citrus Magnesium Cream

Based on 62 reviews
  1. Mark B. (verified owner)

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    Great mag cream no irritation good for leg cramps

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  2. Kim (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    My partner is a tiler and the cream did wonders for his back and legs

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  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    I notice the difference when I forget to use it. Definitely helps the knees.

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  4. Sue T. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    (0) (0)
  5. Leonie W. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    A highly effective product and I’ve recently given this particular one to my brother for his use. He reports smother, hydrated skin, using it on his arms and legs, and much lessened cramps.

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  6. Eileen (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    (0) (0)
  7. Phillip Dawes (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Wife loves this one

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  8. ANNA S. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Love the smell. Normally purchase the herbal one

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  9. Keren Stephens (verified owner)

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  10. Sara Stenton (verified owner)

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