Elektra Magnesium User Guide

Elektra Magnesium User Guide shows you how to relax, replenish and revive with natural magnesium and the best nutrition for skin!  Elektra Magnesium products feel sooooo good on the skin and help keep a more youthful, glowing and healthy appearance.  Use in skin care as well as massage to alleviate muscle tension, cramps and aches. 



Elektra Magnesium User Guide

You can use as much as you like of each product type, and in any combination, as there is no danger of overdose.  Elektra Magnesium products are made from natural and organic ingredients, and without drugs or synthetic chemicals.  The products provide high quality nutrition which can be easily absorbed into the epidermis.  The nutrients sit inside the epidermis like food on a dinner plate.  The body absorbs from this reservoir what it needs and at its own pace.  It can take a number of hours for full absorption, however most people feel results very quickly in a matter of minutes after massaging in the product/s.

Not only do Elektra Magnesium products offer fast efficient magnesium absorption via skin, but they also provide excellent skin barrier support for a more youthful complexion!

Relax muscles and joints and promote better sleep with a relaxing detoxing magnesium bath using Elektra Magnesium Chloride Flakes, and follow with a luxurious Elektra Magnesium Cream moisturiser (4 kinds) for smoother skin and healthier looking complexion.  If you are dealing with any aches or pains, inflammation etc, you can apply extra magnesium using Elektra Magnesium Oil Spritz.  If you are looking for a strong muscle recovery product that doubles as a natural deodorant too – then you can’t go past Elektra Magnesium Charge Lotion.

Use the Elektra Magnesium User Guide below to work out how much magnesium you may be getting, or what you may want to add on to increase your magnesium intake.  Our FAQ page can also give you more tips.

If you do hard physical work, exercise a lot or are under excessive stress;

If you perspire a lot or suffer heat stress;

If you are pregnant;

If you do shift work or are sleep deprived;

If you have heart disease;

If you have an auto-immune or digestive disorder;

If you have anxiety or depression;

If you have metabolic syndrome or diabetes;

If you have had a trauma, operation or injury;

If you are undergoing chemo or radiation cancer therapy;

If you have kidney disease; and

If you are taking certain medications / drugs;

you may need as much as three times the normal amount of magnesium to replace what is lost under stress. This amount is difficult to digest and absorb orally and usually ends up as as liquefied stool and lost quickly. However, transdermal absorption of magnesium is gentle and easy, offers up to 30 times faster and more efficient absorption compared to tablets and powders, and is great for skin care too.

Read this study by University of Queensland about the benefits of transdermal magnesium absorption…




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