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Cramps and Restless Legs Gone!

Last updated on May 7th, 2019 at 07:27 pm

There’s nothing worse than having a cramps attack and feeling powerless to stop it.  No matter how much you massage and pummel that muscle, it just seems to do its own thing.  It hurts.  The cramp attack may strike in the middle of the night and disrupt your precious sleep. It may strike before you need to do something important or participate in a competitive event.

‘Restless legs’ is what people refer to when they experience leg muscles twitching or jittering for no apparent reason and often at the most awkward times – like when you are trying to sleep!  You get the feeling that you need to move your legs around all the time to settle the muscles down.  Or there may be a sensation of tickling or crawling inside the muscle.

All of these symptoms are a sign of magnesium deficiency.  You may not realise it, but cramps and restless legs are quite easy to fix and you can do it without drugs.  All you need is enough magnesium to get to where it is needed in the muscles.

Tried everything and still can’t get relief?
Are you over taking tablets and pills that don’t work?
Prefer natural products without synthetic chemicals?

Over the last 10 years we have developed the most successful transdermal magnesium product in Australia.

Used and advocated in about 300 clinics around Australia and overseas, Elektra Magnesium Cream has proven itself to be a far more effective relief for cramps and restless legs than magnesium tablets or powders.

Christina – cramps gone
Coco Competes in Strong Man Competition After Relieving Massive Cramp

Tablets and powders can take several hours to digest, for even a small amount to make its way through the bowel wall and into muscle cells.

Elektra Magnesium Cream on the other hand, can be easily massaged into skin as a soothing natural moisturizer, penetrating within minutes to start its work of relaxing the muscle.

Elektra Magnesium Cream skin care
Quality natural skin care and muscle relaxation

This transdermal method avoids the digestive system and potential bowel irritations that are commonly experienced with magnesium tablets and powders.

AND… You may have even come across straight magnesium oil and rubbed it on to find it has some muscle relaxation effect. BUT…  Chances are that you left it in your cupboard because it felt sticky, stingy and irritating.  Magnesium oil is nothing more than high concentration magnesium chloride flakes mixed with water.  However, without any other plant ingredients to help absorb and also to soothe the skin, it can feel pretty bitey!

Elektra Magnesium Cream has the extra benefit of a blend of rich plant butters (infused with natural magnesium oil), which soothe and moisturize skin, promoting absorption of the magnesium inside the epidermis.

Transdermal Magnesium
Transdermal Absorption: Nutrition Via Skin

It also acts as an anti-ageing moisturizer and skin conditioner and is so gentle for skin that even toddlers and children can use it.

From the epidermis the body absorbs the magnesium it needs over time, safely and without danger of overdose, regardless of how much is applied. It is a self-regulating process and has no contra-indications with medication use.

Once magnesium gets to the muscle cells it can control the tightening effect of calcium in order to release the tension and relax.


anxiety depression

It’s easy to get magnesium deficiency these days, as soils and our food supply have become so depleted.

Other ways to lose too much magnesium include excessive stress, trauma, medications, heavy metal or chemical exposures, eating sugar and processed foods, sleep deprivation, smoking or alcoholism.

The older we get, the more magnesium deficiency increases.

Transdermal absorption of magnesium chloride salt is just another way to add an extra level of magnesium nutrition to your healthy lifestyle routine.

Healthy lifestyle magnesium
Healthy lifestyle

Magnesium helps us to stay younger, more flexible, energetic and ‘juicier’ longer because it is like an electrical power point that supplies energy to all biological systems.  When magnesium drops, so does the voltage of cells.  Biological battery power goes down.

Heart beat
Magnesium powers the electrical system

Muscles do a lot of work, so they need a lot of magnesium and hydration.  Magnesium helps water get into cells to relax tension and pressure.


Under stress, magnesium comes out and calcium moves in to tighten muscles.  This means that without enough magnesium you can stay ‘stuck’ in that tight mode.

Don’t worry! There is a simple solution that has helped thousands of people relieve their cramps and restless legs.  Elektra Magnesium Cream has worked wonders for many years to calm down involuntary muscle movements in people and is even used by many to alleviate the stiffness of arthritis.


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