Benifits of a Magnesium Bath Detoxifying Pain Reliever

Benefits of a Magnesium Bath Detoxifying Pain Reliever

Enjoy the benefits of a magnesium bath detoxifying pain reliever.  A soothing magnesium chloride salt bath quickly relaxes muscles and relieves stress.

Soaking in magnesium salt flakes has been shown to markedly improve skin hydration, speed wound healing, enhance skin barrier function, and decrease inflammation.  The skin is also able to excrete toxins and waste products via bathing, which lightens the load on the kidney and liver.

Uptake of elemental magnesium to the epidermis is usually 300-400mg during the first 20-30 minutes of soaking in a magnesium chloride salt bath or footsoak.  After that time absorption drops off as the body has had its fill.  The body is self-regulating with transdermal absorption of magnesium and always seeks homeostatic balance.


Benefits of a Magnesium Bath

Detoxifying Pain Reliever Magnesium Chloride Flakes are:

  • Ideal for children and other sensitive individuals
  • Effective for stress relief and relaxation
  • Great for soaking achy muscles and joints
  • Soothing for psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions
  • Assists with detoxification

Magnesium’s Potent Healing and Anti-Inflammatory

properties are a part of a diverse history of traditional medicine and mineral salt bathing around the world.  Today’s leading nutrition experts consider magnesium supplementation as essential. Magnesium’s crucial role in the production of mitochondrial ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the electrical energy of cells, and its consequent impact in over 350 fundamental biochemical reactions that support enzyme activity means that every cell needs lots of magnesium to function.

There are several types of oral magnesium supplement available, many of which are not well tolerated by those with leaky gut or IBS symptoms.  Some forms of magnesium supplement, such as magnesium oxide, have also been shown to have as low as a 4% absorption rate.  Many magnesium tablets also have fillers and binders that ironically can inhibit the use of magnesium (a bit like driving with the brakes on!).   If you do not make enough stomach acid you can’t even digest the tablets properly.   For many reasons most of the magnesium that is consumed as a tablet or powder supplement is expelled out the back end into the toilet.   Much less gets access via the gut wall into the tissue cells where we need the magnesium. That’s a very expensive way to get just a little bit of magnesium.  Magnesium chloride salt flakes however are a natural ‘food’ and very easily absorbable by cells when dissolved in water.

Magnesium bath flakes by ELEKTRA MAGNESIUM bypass the irritation and side effects associated with oral magnesium supplements and are instead absorbed through the body’s largest organ: the skin.  Because they are ‘food grade’ you can also add a small pinch (half of one gram) to one litre of filtered water to make a delicious mineral alkaline drinking water – a superior electrolyte water. This small dilution is only a normal mineral water concentration and easily tolerated by the gut wall.  It is not enough magnesium in most cases to address magnesium deficiency and it is recommended to use transdermal magnesium bathing and soaking as well.

Elektra Magnesium chloride flakes are unique in that they are:

  • Food grade and able to be added to filtered drinking water to make a mineral water for better cell hydration.
  • Very soothing in a bath or footsoak for muscle relaxation, stress relief and detoxification.
  • Directly available to muscles and joints that require magnesium to function.
  • Delivered through the skin, without requiring digestion, and therefore easily assimilated and well-tolerated.

Daniel Reid, bestselling author and a leading expert on eastern philosophy and medicine, recommends transdermal magnesium as a superior form of magnesium supplementation.  Many health practitioners around Australia cite Elektra Magnesium as their topical magnesium of choice for their patients.  See our store locator for a clinic near you…

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