Magnesium for Muscle, Ligament and Joint Recovery

1) Magnesium massage to muscles, ligaments and joints helps relax and loosen up tight places, relieving pressure and tension.

2) Magnesium is anti-inflammatory and very restorative. It stimulates the enzymes that build new proteins and repair and replace cells.

2) Magnesium delivers electrolyte charge for nerve support, oxygen supply in blood and better blood circulation.

Elektra Magnesium Flakes, Cream Moisturizer, Oil Spritz Formula – What’s the Difference?

Elektra Magnesium Oil Spritz formula has a high concentration of Magnesium Chloride Salt Flakes (60%) for use in massage of tight muscles and joints for relaxation which glides on and absorbs much better than straight magnesium oil without leaving that sticky irritating residue, but it doesn’t have the high level of fats of the Magnesium Cream for moisturization and protection. If your skin is dry or thin (having lost skin texture and collagen), you may need some help from Elektra Magnesium Cream to lubricate the skin, which makes it more receptive to the magnesium salts. If you are blessed with an oily Mediterranean skin type you could easily use Elektra Magnesium Oil Spritz Formula straight on the skin because the magnesium salts will work with your natural skin oils to absorb. Our Magnesium Oil Spritz formula is easy to apply and adds a high concentration of magnesium to the spots where you need it most (a bit like WD40 for the body)… ie. loosening up the ‘stuck bits’.

If your skin gets dry and needs some recovery help then Elektra Magnesium Cream is ideal, having a complex blend of natural oils and butters infused with 15% Elektra Magnesium Chloride Salt Flakes. It can be used all over as a body and face moisturizer, as well as an underarm deodorant. It is also preferred by many massage therapists for use in ‘Magnesium Massage’, and recommended for couples to give each other magnesium massages to escape the stresses of the day! All three fragrances have the same magnesium content.

Magnesium Charge Lotion is a hybrid between Magnesium Cream and Magnesium Oil Spritz with double magnesium compared to Magnesium Cream, but less fats.  Ideal for sporty types on the go and needing more muscle support.

Magnesium Baths and Footsoaks using the flakes provides another dimension of health care-self care: Whilst being able to absorb magnesium from the water, the body is also able to excrete wastes and toxins via the skin. Whatever can be shed transdermally (also via saunas and sweating) lifts the load on the kidney and liver in relation to their detox-cleansing roles.

All categories of magnesium products can be used together and combined. Just try. If not enough to get your desired results, then keep adding more until it feels better. It’s that simple!

Yin Yang Product Guide


Magnesium for Strength and Endurance:


Use Elektra Magnesium Cream as a daily whole body moisturizer (any of the 4 fragrance and texture variations) every day to get 300mg elemental magnesium… Add on the other products to increase magnesium where needed.

Magnesium Oil Front Page

The bigger the pain the more magnesium you need on that spot. 6-7 sprays of Elektra Magnesium Oil Spritz gives you over 300mg elemental magnesium on one area. The fats of the cream help to lubricate the skin layer, which enhances magnesium uptake – especially with dry skin.

Magnesium Lotion Front Page

Our new hybrid product –  Elektra Magnesium Charge Lotion – is a great deodorant and muscle massage lotion with double the magnesium of the cream, but less of the fats for those that have normal to oil skin type. It feels smooth and hydrating with a fresh lemon scent.

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Foot soaking at least 3 times a week with a heaped tablespoon of Elektra Magnesium Flakes will help to detox via feet, plus take up magnesium and helping to promote better sleep. Use the soaking on your most vigorous days.  Drinking plenty (ie. minimum 3 litres daily for active people) of magnesium mineral water (one pinch Elektra Magnesium Flakes per litre of filtered water) and eating a fresh food organic predominantly vegetable diet for alkalinity promotes better hydration and pH balance.

drink water
Good Hydration with Mineral Water

The topical products can be used in any combination and you can’t get too much because the nutrients just sit in the epidermis until the body is ready to use them. It is self-regulating.  When you feel better – that is your gauge.  Be generous with yourself.

People who have had traumas, injuries, compromised immune systems, high stress jobs, athletes and shift workers can need 1,000mg elemental magnesium per day or more to help the body repair and recover properly. This amount is impossible to take orally because high concentrations are eliminated via the stool. For high amounts it’s best to use the skin.


MAGNESIUM DRINKING WATER for BETTER HYDRATION:  There are 160mg per one gram of Elektra Magnesium flakes. One pinch per litre of filtered water is about 1/2 gram which is 80mg. If you drink 3 litres of magnesium mineral water per day that will give you about 240mg. That’s still not high enough for the average recommended daily amount, and certainly not for those with high-end needs who may need 1,000mg per day or more… However, drinking magnesium charged water helps the water work better in the body by making it more hydrating. Higher concentrations are lost too quickly via the digestive system as the gut can only cope with more dilute amounts in drinking water and foods.

Higher uptakes in the 1,000mg range are achieved by combining a number of our transdermal magnesium products with increase of magnesium in drinking water and foods:

Each Elektra Magnesium product can deliver 300mg elemental magnesium as follows:

  • Bathing, footsoaking – half hour soak;
  • All-over application (13g) of Magnesium Cream moisturizer;
  • 6-7g Magnesium Charge Lotion;
  • 6 sprays of Elektra Magnesium Oil Spritz.
Elektra Magnesium
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