sensory gold elektra magnesium cream

Sensory GOLD Elektra Magnesium Cream

It’s Here!  Sensory GOLD Elektra Magnesium Cream Finally after a year of fiddling and balancing the ingredients in development… The new Sensory GOLD Elektra Magnesium Cream has arrived.

Sensory GOLD Elektra Magnesium Cream has a light blend of exotic Asian favourite essential oils of Michelia champaka flower, Sandalwood, Elemi and Petitgrain, reminiscent of a delicate incense that lifts the spirit and calms the soul.  It is designed for those with medium to dry skin type and offers a luxurious creamy texture for skin barrier protection and hydration.

It can be used as an all-over anti-aging moisturizer, face cream, underarm deodorant, anti-itch cream, after-sun recovery cream and massage cream. Sensory GOLD Elektra Magnesium Cream comes in 4 sizes.

One dessertspoon of magnesium cream to cover the whole body provides approx. 250-300g of elemental magnesium, equivalent to the average daily recommended magnesium supplement.  Some individuals may need two or three times this much magnesium in cases of more severe magnesium deficiency. In this case extra magnesium can be supplied via Elektra Magnesium Oil Spritz, as well as foot soaking or bathing with Elektra Magnesium Flakes.

Change someone’s LIFE by introducing the Gift of Magnesium Health by Elektra!

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