Metabolism and Digestion

magnesium in water

The Power of Magnesium in Water

Is it possible to be dehydrated, but not feel thirsty? YES. People can be dehydrated without even realising it.   The thirst mechanism may not be working properly to alert us to this state.  It usually gets less effective at alerting us to dehydration the older we get.  Dehydration, or less than optimal levels of water …

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Australian Anti Ice Campaign

The Australian Anti Ice Campaign Partners with Elektra Magnesium to Help Drug Users Recover

The Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC), based on the Gold Coast, has partnered with another Queensland-based business – Elektra Magnesium – to get the message to the public that supplementation with the mineral magnesium can help a great deal in fuller recovery from the devastating effects of Ice use. Here, the CEO of the Australian …

The Australian Anti Ice Campaign Partners with Elektra Magnesium to Help Drug Users Recover Read More »


What are the Dangers of Exercise Addiction?

We can become addicted to more than just pharmaceutical drugs or alcohol. Researchers are now noticing symptoms of addiction also to excessive exercise. Does excessive exercise or over-training have negative side effects? Could it harm health and cause premature ageing? The research indicates yes, mainly because of increasing magnesium deficiency.

cramps and restless legs

Calm Cramps and Restless Legs Fast!

Relieve cramps and restless legs easily with the right kind of magnesium. No tablets or pills to swallow. Elektra Magnesium Cream does the job quickly, safely and easily – and is also a great natural skin care product too.


Drought, Dehydration and Stress

Extreme or chronic stresses and traumas are known to deplete the body’s magnesium stores, leading to deficiency and dehydration. Extended drought conditions, such as during El Nino events, impact very dramatically in Australia. Animals and humans can suffer great stress and exhaustion.

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