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Jade Wagstaff

Jade Elizabeth Wagstaff     Clinical Nutrition Expert Student Intern   


Do you have questions about your health?  Don’t hear the music of life anymore?

The health of your cells is directly determined by their environment.    A nutrition expert can help you change your lifestyle and eating habits for the better.

Good nutrition is the key to ongoing health, wellness and happiness.  It’s hard to be happy if you don’t have enough energy or if your feeling foggy and over-stressed.  Correcting imbalances requires a bit of detective work.  As every individual is unique, the right kind of diet may vary from person to person depending on metabolism, gut issues and genes.  A Nutrition Expert treats the causes of illness at a holistic level.

MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY can contribute to a large list of health issues. Magnesium does it’s best work in conjunction with other nutrients to super-charge their effects, therefore you may also need other nutritional elements such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and fatty acids to balance your nutritional status and bring cells to their optimal health and wellness.

DETOX:  You may require clinical support to detox from heavy metals and chemicals that may be blocking the work of magnesium and causing too much acidity.

DIGESTION:  You may require clinical support to heal and seal your gut wall and improve digestion.  Your stomach may not be producing enough stomach acid to digest proteins properly and without amino acids we can’t build new cells.  If the stomach, liver and pancreas aren’t doing a good enough job, we get short-changed in nutritional elements because not enough can be extracted from the food we consume.  A lot depends on the kinds of foods we eat and also how to prepare them for easier digestion.

DIETARY & SUPPLEMENTAL intake of nutrients and minerals can easily alleviate symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, bloating, cramps, anxiety, depression and weight issues; 

  • Have you found it difficult to lose weight and no matter what you’ve done in the past it just doesn’t seem to work for you?
  • Do you suffer from chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue and general low energy levels?
  • Do you suffer from GERD, leaky gut or IBS symptoms?
  • Do you feel over-stressed, over-emotional, and over-sensitive?
  • Is your memory not working as well as it should?  Foggy brain?
  • Aches, pains, arthritis, inflammation or rheumatic symptoms?
  • Skin disorders?
  • Sleep disorders?
  • Hormone imbalance?  Extra heavy menstruation?  Light or missed menstrual cycles?
  • Fertility issues?
  • Heart arrhythmia or cardiovascular disease?
  • Diabetes or metabolic syndrome?
  • Constant anxiety?  Not able to feel settled or relaxed?


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