Try Everything Pack Special

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Elektra Magnesium ‘Try Everything Pack’ is only AUD $55 (save over $9)

If you haven’t tried our quality range of magnesium body care products yet, this Try Everything Pack is a great opportunity to SAMPLE the whole product range and experience textures, absorbency, essential oil fragrances, as well as sample our food grade MAGNESIUM flakes in filtered drinking water for better hydration, bathing and foot-soaking too. Use generously in any combination. Great for TRAVELLING or special GIFTS for loved ones!

Try Everything Pack contains:  250g Magnesium Chloride Flakes + 100mL Magnesium Charge Lotion + 4 x 20g Magnesium Creams + 10mL Mg Oil Spritz Sampler + Cosmetic Purse
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Magnesium Cream
Magnesium Charge Lotion
Magnesium Oil Spritz
Magnesium Flakes
Try Everything Pack