Magnesium for pets

Magnesium for Dogs, Cats and Horses

Domestic pets develop more skin irritations these days because they are lacking in magnesium – the same as their human masters.  Immune defences become weaker as magnesium levels drop lower.  At the same time, they may be exposed to additives and chemicals in the food supply, particularly in packaged or canned pet foods. 

It is important to avoid grains that may be in some commercial pet foods as a cheap filler because dogs and cats develop the wrong microbiome in the gut from such foods. They can produce excessive acidic by-products that react on the nervous system, producing skin inflammation. 

Most of our testing and experience has been with dogs that are prone to eczema-type conditions. These are often skin conditions triggered by stress or chemicals and result in nervous system reactions in the skin. In the case of dogs, Elektra Magnesium Pet Cream rubbed into belly and any area with less fur so the skin can be contacted, helps to calm down the itch and provide relief for the dog. 


Magnesium for Dogs, Cats and Horses 2

Magnesium is naturally anti-inflammatory AND the rich plant oils are soothing for skin.   Elektra Magnesium Pet Cream is based on ‘Herbal’ Magnesium Cream but with extra neem oil.  This means it also has good anti-microbial properties.  The cream is made of all natural and organic ingredients and does not contain pretro-chemicals.

We have found that pets seem to ‘know’ it’s good for them and tend to leave the area alone after application. As the magnesium cream soothes and calms down the inflammation or itch, it is no longer tempting for the pet to provoke the area anymore, giving it a chance to heal. 

Magnesium Flakes for Dogs

magnesium dog spa

It is recommended not to use harsh detergent soaps for bathing your pet. Choose a gentle wash for sensitive skin.  A half a cup of magnesium flakes and a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate can provide a more soothing bath.

We also recommend a few of the magnesium flakes in your pet’s drinking water bowl every day. Everyone should be drinking electrolyte-charged water for better hydration!

Magnesium for Cats

Magnesium for Dogs, Cats and Horses 4

Cats seem to bounce back quickly with a small amount magnesium in the drinking water (a few flakes, but not too much so as not to cause loose stool), as well as good diet which is meat or fish based.  We feed our cats primarily canned sardines and some left-over meat scraps from our table, and they are very healthy with shiny coats.  Therefore, there is usually no need to rub on the magnesium cream for cats (and they wriggle too much anyway!). 


A lot of skin inflammations can be traced to chemicals in the environment, and/or not getting enough sunshine and fresh air.  In this case extra magnesium can help boost the strength of the immune system to detox and repair, but it can help a lot more if you manage to avoid the chemicals.  Magnesium also helps support the beneficial microbiome of the gut, which further strengthens the immune system.

Magnesium for Horses

Magnesium for horses

Horses have also responded very well to Elektra Magnesium Pet Cream in the relief of itch and dry skin conditions.  Many horse owners also supplement the horse’s diet with magnesium by dissolving 1/2 to one cup of magnesium chloride flakes (food grade) and mixing it into their daily feeds. This has a wonderful calming effect on horses, as they are prone to high levels of stress and hyper-sensitivity if magnesium levels get too low. (More information about feeding methods and magnesium supplementation for horses is at )

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