Magnesium Cream difference

What’s the Difference in Magnesium Cream?

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The main magnesium cream difference relates to texture and fragrance. Magnesium chloride is the active ingredient in Elektra Magnesium Cream and partner products, which deliver magnesium ions as a nutritional supplement and skin care product.

The Magnesium Cream difference in all four Elektra Magnesium Cream fragrance varieties are that, even though they have the same 15% magnesium chloride flakes concentration, they differ in fragrance and texture. In other words they are High Fat, Low Magnesium.  Magnesium Oil Spritz formula, however has a high 61% concentration magnesium chloride flakes. In other words, Low Fat, High Magnesium.

The differences in creams are fragrance and texture to suit different skin types and olfactory preferences. They have exactly the same potency of magnesium and all come in the 20g or 100g tube size, or the 300g jar size.

MAGNESIUM has many jobs to do in the body and greater amounts can be absorbed via the skin. However, this method can also be optimised to uptake even more magnesium by lubricating and conditioning the skin. A well-conditioned and hydrated epidermis will be able to take up more magnesium and store it so it can be used over a number of hours after application. The tiny capillaries of the dermis attaching to the epidermis can absorb from this reservoir of nutrients as needed over time. If you are blessed with an oily Mediterranean skin type then you will have plenty of natural skin oils to help take up more magnesium salts.

Skin diagramHowever most of us tend to get dryer skin – especially as we get older. In this case it helps to use rich oils and butters to enhance the magnesium absorption. This is why we have developed Elektra Magnesium Cream. The formulations use lower magnesium and higher fat content, as they are designed to be a soothing moisturising cream for body and skin care. One all-over application of the moisturiser delivers about 300mg elemental magnesium. The fats help store the magnesium in the epidermal layer and plump up the skin for a well hydrated and more youthful complexion).

Think of the epidermis as a reservoir for nutrient supply. Many people use our Magnesium Creams as their daily moisturiser (free of toxic chemicals) to help supplement their overall nutritional status via healthy lifestyle and disease prevention (rather than just fixing a problem).

Elektra Magnesium Cream supplies nutrients to promote healthy skin function and relieves conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis etc… It’s also a great anti-aging cream.
Massage with the cream offers relief to cramps and restless legs, as well as other tight muscle issues like frozen shoulder. However, the bigger the pain or inflammation the more magnesium is required to relax that area, as magnesium controls the calcium channels. The lower the magnesium in the tissue cells the more calcium moves into the soft tissue and joints to harden and stiffen. Magnesium however has a relaxing and loosening function because it can cause calcium to be removed from the soft tissue and deposited back to the bone.

Over 400mg elemental magnesium can be delivered by 7-8 sprays of the Magnesium Oil Spritz formula – which has a concentration of 61% magnesium chloride flakes. This formula is high in magnesium and low in fat. You can use as much as is needed to achieve the required relaxation effect and can be used together with Elektra Magnesium Cream to optimise magnesium absorption. Remember, the lipids help transport more magnesium ions into the epidermis. If there are not enough fats present magnesium salts can sit on the surface of the skin too long, feeling sticky and stingy, and causing irritation.

Higher magnesium concentrations are needed to address more acute symptoms such as pain, stiffness, arthritis, inflammation, injury recovery etc. The older we get (or in the case of athletes or people under high stresses) the more magnesium we need to be able to recover from the stresses. For this high end need we recommend to use all the product categories together: ie. Mg flakes in drinking water, footsoaking, Mg Cream for skin care and massage, and Mg Oil for acute areas of pain or inflammation. It all adds up!

Skin care and massageThe beauty about using the skin as a storage reservoir is that you can’t overdose. The body is in control of what it takes up from the epidermal layer. We haven’t used chemicals that break that skin’s self-regulatory system (such as in transdermal drug delivery). All we are doing with these products is offering the body a meal containing many nutrients, which it can consume transdermally: Nutrition Via Skin!



Elektra Magnesium® Cream for Healthy Skin

magnesium cream difference

magnesium cream difference

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