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Elektra Magnesium Recovery Specials Packs

Spark Up Your New Year With Elektra Magnesium Recovery Specials Packs

Elektra Magnesium Recovery Specials Packs for only $99 have just been released and offer huge savings and a great package of all three magnesium products categories: Magnesium Flakes, Magnesium Cream and Magnesium Oil Spritz.  In addition there is also a bulk pack with 3 sizes of Elektra Magnesium Oil Spritz including the 1 Litre REFILL bottle for only $99. Elektra Magnesium Recovery Specials Packs can help you get more magnesium back into your system if you have burned the candle at both ends.

Magnesium burns a very bright white, so it is used to add white sparks or improve the overall brilliance of fireworks. Magnesium is also the centre of the chlorophyll molecule in plants, so it is heavily involved in energy production and electrical charge within many systems.  It is the most important mineral electrolyte for rhythm of life.

Get back on track

If you have been over-partying or revelling, over-eating and over-drinking during the Christmas and new year celebrations, or just simply over-stressed by all the hoopla of serving up the perfect lunch or dinner for the relies – then it’s time you gave yourself some extra magnesium pampering for recovery.  Power up your new year resolutions with a good supply of magnesium to recharge and regenerate.

Alcohol can severely deplete magnesium stores and it is also very dehydrating.  Even though it’s nice to share a wine or beer in the company of good friends, sometimes the occasion can get the better of us and before you know it, oops, too much.  Most of us know by now that B group vitamins can greatly assist recovery from a hangover (a form of dehydration), but a good dose of extra magnesium can also help the body to rehydrate and expel toxins.  Of course, that goes hand in hand with drinking adequate water.

Elektra Magnesium flakes (food grade) for drinking water

Elektra Magnesium Flakes Food Grade Magnesium-Recovery-Specials-PackElektra Magnesium Flakes, included in the Elektra Magnesium Recovery Specials Packs, are the ideal magnesium food supplement.  It’s a naturally dehydrated mineral salt. When diluted in water, it can be absorbed by cells without any further digestion required.  You can drink it in as a mineral water or soak it up through your skin in baths and footsoaks.

Electrolyte charged water

By adding a small pinch (about half of one gram) of Elektra Magnesium Flakes to one litre of filtered water you can make a great tasting and more hydrating electrolyte mineral drinking water.  This enables more water to be consumed and it actually passes through the body more slowly compared to a demineralised water.  This is because the negative electrical charge of the magnesium water accesses cells more easily.   A demineralised water usually has an acidic pH of around 6.  This is not ideal for cells.  When you drink demineralised water it needs to be charged up by electrolytes. A demineralised water will steal electrolytes that it encounters in the body in order for the cells to use that water.

Chemicals that steal magnesium

In Australia tap water is generally fluoridated and chlorinated.  Both these chemicals destroy beneficial gut bacteria and can cause leaky gut syndrome symptoms.  Fluoride is also attracted to magnesium and they bind with each other.  This steals magnesium ions so they become unavailable to cells, exacerbating magnesium deficiency symptoms.  Symptoms of fluoride toxicity are very similar to magnesium deficiency symptoms.

In most European countries they are moving away from this old practice and adopting ozonating methods to clean water supplies.  They have also discovered that adding fluoride to drinking water contributes to thyroid disease and kidney disease.  Most of Europe’s tap water is now fluoride-free.  In Australia it is recommended to get a good fluoride filter if you want to drink or cook with the tap water.  Otherwise you can use filtered rain water or buy supermarket bottled water.  These are ‘demineralised’ waters, and are best when recharged with electrolyte minerals – particularly magnesium.

How much do I need?

If the body is low in electrolytes the demineralised water will pass through the digestive system more quickly, causing people to pee more often.  As you drink more of the electrolyte charged water the water goes through more slowly because it can hydrate cells more efficiently.  This means cells are better able to cleanse and detox, produce energy and to make new cells.  There has to be a certain balance of electrolytes in the water.  Depending on your lifestyle, you could need more or less than others.  For instance, an athlete that is constantly sweating out electrolytes and pushing their body hard will need a higher level of electrolyte top up than the average person.  But you get to know what is the right amount for your body with a bit of practice.  Your body does give you the feedback.  Ideally the average adult would be well hydrated with 3 litres of magnesium water over a 24 hour period, or more if there is excessive perspiration or use of diuretics.

Highest absorption via skin

Most of the magnesium in the body – about 99% – is in the muscle and bone tissue.  These are the cells that can easily become dehydrated when magnesium levels get too low.  There is however only so much the gut can absorb.   These concentrations are what we usually consume in mineral water and foods.  However via the skin – transdermal absorption – the body can take up a much larger amount of magnesium to satisfy its needs.  You can go swimming in the ocean or soak in mineral rich hot springs, or you can soak in a magnesium bath or footsoak at home.  Get it all with Elektra Magnesium Recovery Specials Packs for great savings and magnesium nutrition via skin!

Detox by Footsoaking

Elektra-Magnesium-Footsoak-Magnesium-Recovery-Specials-PackSoaking in a magnesium bath or having a magnesium footsoak with Elektra Magnesium Flakes can deliver 300-400mg of elemental magnesium over half an hour.  This amount of magnesium in a tablet or powder via the gut would just create a diarrhea event in most people!  We can absorb more magnesium by soaking it up through the skin – the epidermis.  Magnesium soaks also greatly assist the body to detox, as the skin can also release waste products.  For those carrying a heavy toxic load it is best to do frequent magnesium soaking – especially in the first month.  Maintenance magnesium footsoaks are usually about 2-3 times per week or more if stress levels are high.

Adequate hydration is essential for good health

Always make sure you are drinking enough mineral water to ensure adequate hydration.  Cells need a delicate balance bwteen electrolytes and water for the correct electrical charge.  Your body can work out this balance homeostatically.  All you need to do is drink enough mineral water in and offer magnesium via skin.  The body does the rest in its balancing act.  If you have high blood pressure it is wise to cut back on your sodium content in foods because sodium salt has a dehydrating effect.  Magnesium salt however is hydrating and promotes normal blood fluidity via its electrical charge.

Elektra Magnesium Cream Natural Skin Care

Using Elektra Magnesium Cream, part of the Elektra Magnesium Recovery Specials Packs, all over the body (approx one dessertspoon) delivers about 250-300mg of elemental magnesium directly into the skin via massage.  It hydrates skin cells, leaves the skin in beautiful condition, relaxes muscles and acts as a potent natural magnesium supplement.  Elektra Magnesium Cream is packed full of vitamins, minerals and rich plant oils and butters to support your skin.  Ingredients are all natural.  Read more…

Each of the Elektra Magnesium Cream Recovery Specials Packs feature a different fragrance magnesium cream as the 300g jar, with complementary 20g sampler tubes of the other fragrances, plus 180mL Elektra Magnesium Oil Spritz, 10mL sampler Elektra Magnesium Oil Spritz and a 250g bag of Elektra Magnesium Flakes (food grade).

Transdermal Magnesium

With daily all over use of Elektra Magnesium Cream moisturiser, a 300g jar would last approximately one month.  However at this rate the magnesium delivery by Elektra Magnesium Cream transdermally is far superior to that $50 bottle of magnesium tablets! And you’ve got the best natural moisturiser, skin care and anti-aging cream too.

Change someone’s LIFE by introducing the Gift of Magnesium Health by Elektra!

NEW Elektra Magnesium Recovery Specials Packs
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