Elektra Magnesium Festival of Dreams Sydney 2016 Australia

Ben Starr of The Conversation Arena chats with Sandy & Peter Sanderson founders of ElektraMagnesium at the Festival of Dreams Sydney 2016 Australia.

Elektra Magnesium body care products have been specially formulated using natural ingredients to deliver high amounts of magnesium to the epidermis using our convenient and easy-to-apply Magnesium Cream moisturizer and/or Magnesium Oil Spritz.


Elektra Food Grade Magnesium Flakes contain over 16% elemental magnesium and have the added benefits of sea trace minerals. They are naturally evaporated from sea water in a pristine region of the Tibetan Plateau and are quality food grade salts which can also be used for mouthwash and drinking water, as well as bathing.

They are great to maintain healthy-looking skin and with massage to relax muscle tension. For a rejuvenating magnesium foot soak or bath try Elektra Magnesium Chloride Salt Flakes (the purest salts from the Tibetan Plateau). Relax and enjoy!

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