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Elektra Magnesium products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients, avoiding the use of toxic chemicals. They comprise rich plant oils and butters infused with wild sourced natural magnesium chloride flakes (food grade). Elektra Magnesium products are manufactured in Australia in a TGA accredited facility and to the highest manufacturing standards.  Our products offer the most dense nutrient load in body care products to make available an absorbable form of magnesium which reaches cells much faster and more efficiently than magnesium from oral tablets or powders.  Elektra Magnesium products are also more ‘user-friendly’ and pleasant to use on a regular daily basis, leaving the skin in beautiful condition.  Transdermal magnesium ensures a good supply of available and absorbable nutrients to cope better with the stresses of life.  There are three categories of magnesium products that you can choose to combine in any way you like for optimal magnesium supplementation – and the best skin care!  You will be pleasantly surprised at the great value for money in this high quality nutrient-packed range.

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