Elektra Magnesium Oil, Flakes, Lotion and Cream

Natural (chem-free) ~ Australian made ~ Fair trade shea butter ~ Vegan friendly ~ Re-use & recyclable packaging

“My heart restored, my waters cleansed, the power surges in love to mend.”

The world’s first magnesium cream, 100% natural (chem-free)

Rich, nutritious, natural magnesium skin care and muscle massage cream for relaxation… Gentle enough for children and toddlers too.



Safely and gently absorb the magnesium you need from the skin, a reservoir for nutrients. Nourish, protect and hydrate with Elektra Magnesium, rich in plant oils and extracts infused with natural magnesium chloride for gorgeous silky smooth skin.


Magnesium is the relaxing mineral and the one we lose under stress. The more stress we experience, the more we lose magnesium and the lower our reserves get unless we have a way to top up what we need. Stress, chemical exposures and lack of magnesium in foods contribute the most to magnesium deficiency, a problem faced by more and more people in our modern fast-paced society. Cramps and restless legs may only be the start, because there are many more symptoms of magnesium deficiency possible. Read more…


Developed since 2009, Elektra Magnesium® products were created to cater for those who care about natural health, wellness and environment. Elektra Magnesium® Cream, Lotion, and Oil are nutrient-dense and chemical-free with natural ingredients like hemp seed oil, mango seed butter and almond seed oil. Quality is guaranteed, as the products are manufactured in Australia in a TGA accredited facility, according to the highest GMP manufacturing standards.
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How much Magnesium can I get from Transdermal Magnesium?


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