Magnesium best harvested through a balance life

5 wellness warrior women to inspire your pure health

Last updated on June 14th, 2019 at 08:53 am

The power of magnesium is best harvested through a pure a balanced lifestyle, rich in wholesome foods, natural medicines and a positive outlook. In an era of fad diets, nasty habits and decreased self-love, it’s important to seek inspiration for a healthy lifestyle from the right sources and to curate our social media feeds to make us feel positive and inspired.

Here we’ve collated some of the lifestyle advocates we love most; those that encourage health and happiness in mind, body and spirit.

Sarah Wilson

Australian author and wellness warrior Sarah Wilson is nothing short of inspirational. Best known for her popular book, I Quit Sugar, Wilson has become an icon of pure foods and minimalist living, even donating all profits from her book sales to charity. Not afraid to publicly explore her own health battles or fess up to the natural highs and lows of life, following her on Instagram will never leave you questioning yourself or feeling uninspired.
5 wellness warrior women to inspire your pure health 2
Sarah Wilson inspiring natural living and wellness

Ellie Bullen

The unstoppable Ellie Bullen is an eco-wellness entrepreneur whose talents know no bounds. A passionate nutritionist, Ellie creates recipes that are equal parts soulful and colourful, perfectly complimenting her playful and wanderlust nature. All topped off with an ethical clothing line and some best selling books, Ellie proves it’s possible to find your purpose and feel grounded no matter your age.    

5 wellness warrior women to inspire your pure health 4
Ellie Bullen. The super woman inspiring young women to live a wholesome life.

Melissa Ambrosini

The ray of sunshine you didn’t know you needed in your life, Melissa Ambrosini does not just talk the talk, she walks, skips and dances through the pure and considered life she has carefully curated. With over 80,000 readers subscribed to her weekly email, Ambrosini’s magic is no secret. Get acquainted over her e-book, The Glow Kitchen, or tune into her podcast for a session on topics like gratitude, love and creativity.   

5 wellness warrior women to inspire your pure health 6
Melissa Ambrosini inspiring thousands to live from the heart

Deborah Hanekamp

Floral baths, mountain walks and self-care are just some of the lifestyle habits likely to be inspired by Deborah Hanekamp, also known as Mama Medicine. With a hope is to inspire her audience to be their own healers, Deborah is a true advocate of natural medicine. Add magnesium flakes to her bath recipes and you are in for a heavenly treat.

5 wellness warrior women to inspire your pure health 8
The original mama of medicine. Add magnesium flakes to her bath recipes for a heavenly treat.

Cherie Tu

If a plant-based diet hasn’t appealed to you in the past, Cherie Tu has the power to change that. From her zero-waste pantry to her endlessly nourishing Buddha bowls, it’s little wonder over 340,000 people follow her Instagram journey. Cheesecake made with mango and macadamia nut – yes please.

5 wellness warrior women to inspire your pure health 10
Darling Cherie Tu inspiring with her bounty of produce.

Ashley Freeman

For the many women who suffer quietly with endometriosis, Ashley Freeman has been a breath of fresh air and empowerment. A dedicated Yogi and eco-warrior, Ashley uses her upbeat outlook on life to persuade others to take their health in their own hands and remain vigilant with self checks, going so far as to publicly demonstrate how to check for breast abnormalities.

5 wellness warrior women to inspire your pure health 12
Empowerment in a myriad of forms from the energetic Ashley Freeman
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